New The Vampire Diaries posters have been released featuring the characters in ornate, old-fashioned picture frames.

Update: All the character portraits have now been added!

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The images, released by The CW and uploaded on, show all the main characters, along with several small details that perhaps give hints about their personalities and roles in the upcoming season 4.

All the images have the code VD:IV in the bottom left corner; the VD obviously stands for Vampire Diaries, while IV is the Roman numeral for four. This is reminiscent of the “V3” branding they used to promote The Vampire Diaries last year, but where that seemed jazzy and powerful, this style of promotion seems to indicate a classier, archaic tone.

The characters are all shown holding different objects. For example, Klaus holds a snake, Caroline holds what looks like a glass or chalice overflowing with blood, while Tyler is shown with a type of bug – maybe a scarab beetle.

And finally, the words underneath each portrait are Latin phrases, meant to say something about the personality of each character. Tyler’s words are, “Amor habet me,” which means “Love possesses me.” Interesting, considering that Tyler’s body will be possessed by Klaus when the season opens. As Klaus seems to hold a genuine love for Caroline, perhaps this is very fitting.

Caroline’s words read, “Amor est immolare.” Also a love-related phrase, it means “Love is sacrifice.” We are slightly worried about this one!

Klaus’ words, “Sanguis potestas est,” mean “Blood is power.” That one is more straight-forward, but not any less ominous.

Rebekah’s words are “Osculum proditione mortiferum est” mean “Betrayal’s kiss is deadly” – perhaps relating to the part she has already played in the series.

Elijah’s words “Sanguis est in aeternum” mean “Blood is forever.” Very saying about his role in season 4!

Bonnie’s words “Libera nos a mano,” perhaps most forshadowing-y, means “Deliver us from evil.”

Jeremy’s words are “Sanguis est fatum,” and they mean “Blood is destiny.” Being related to Elena, this one makes sense.

Matt’s poster contains the words “Vulnera sapientia.” This means “Wounds to wisdom.” Whatever that could mean…?

Stefan’s poster reads “A venit honos salutem.” That means, “From honor comes salvation.”

Damon’s poster reads “Sanguinis est reatus,” which means “Blood is guilt.” Ooh, guilt for what?

And finally, Elena! Her poster looks incredible. The words are “Tenetur per sanguinem,” and they mean “Bound by blood.”

What do you think about the new season 4 posters?

The Vampire Diaries of course returns tomorrow night, after a much too long hiatus, with the premiere episode “Growing Pains”! Elena and the gang will to their best to prevent her from becoming a vampire, but we’re very dubious that they’ll succeed…

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