With more than a month left before The Originals season 4 arrives, we are ready to get back into all things Mikaelson.

It’s been a long wait for The Originals season 4, and with a little over a month left, a simple 55 second trailer is enough to have us begging for more. We might not have learned a lot of new information in this itsy bitsy little trailer, but just seeing the Original family back on our screens is a blessed relief from the 6-month plus wait.

First check out the trailer itself, then look at all the things that we are excited to see when The Originals season 4 premieres on Friday, March 17, 2017.

5 reasons we’re excited for ‘The Originals’ season 4

1. Marcel vs. Klaus

It feels like we’ve been building to the ultimate stand off between these two. After last season, the line has definitely been drawn. Klaus has stolen so much from Marcel, and we definitely know how Marcel feels after seeing where he ranks in order of importance. He isn’t a Mikaelson, officially, and knowing that there are at least 4 people more important to Klaus, it’s hard to stay loyal.

2. Hope Mikaelson

We still haven’t gotten a good look at Hope Mikaelson now that she’s a little older and able to play an active role in all their lives, but we are no less excited to see her and Hayley work to awaken the Mikaelsons and bring their family back together.

3. Klaus as a father

So, we saw how protective Klaus was of baby Hope, and now that she’s older and able to communicate and talk back to her father, we can’t wait to see them interact. Will Hope have her father’s pride, stubbornness, and sense of loyalty? There are so many good things ahead now that the show has aged it’s youngest character.

4. Cami’s back?

We thought we had seen the last of Leah Pipes and her character, Cami O’Connell. Just when we think she’s gone for good, she appears in this trailer? Will she be back more often? Or is this just a one time appearance? We can’t wait to see what she is doing in Klaus’ life, and how she has managed to still be around after her untimely death.

5. Visits from the Mystic Falls crew

The Vampire Diaries will end before The Originals season 4 gets off the ground, so opportunities for a few of those characters to show up in New Orleans is definitely possible. We know that at least one of them, Alaric Saltzman, will show up before the end of season 4. Whose side do you think Alaric will be on, and what will bring him to New Orleans?

What are you most excited to see in ‘The Originals’ season 4 premiere?

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