2:30 pm EDT, September 30, 2015

‘The Originals’ season 3: Stills, a poster, and an interview, oh my!

With The Originals season 3 just a week away, we are closer than ever to the premiere, and the CW has goodies for us to see!

The Originals start date is looming just off the horizon now, as we have a little over a week before the Mikaelsons and all our favorites return to the screen, and thankfully, we have some new fun goodies to share. First of all, we have our first piece of promotional material in the form of The Originals season 3 poster, first posted on The Originals Online, and its tagline, “Sins of the past will hunt them,” which does not bode well for this ‘War of the Sire Lines’ that we’ve been hearing about since SDCC.

Here is the poster in all its glory:

The Originals season 3 poster

We also recieved some stills which show the original Rebekah, Claire Holt, in her blonde form in flashbacks. We heard tell that Claire would be making an appearance in The Originals season 3 back in September, and here we finally have some solid evidence. Zap2It posted three stills showing not only Rebekah, but five of the Original six Mikaelson siblings. Elijah, Rebekah, Klaus, Finn, and Kol are all present in these flashbacks, which is still startling since it’s rare to see more than three of them in the same scene nowadays.

And the flashback stills:

The Originals season 3 flashback Mikaelson Klaus Elijah Kol Rebekah Finn 2

The Originals season 3 flashback Mikaelson Klaus Elijah Rebekah

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“For The Next Millennium”

Last, but never least, TV Fanatic interviewed Jason Dohring on the set of The Originals season 3, and he gave us a little insight into what we can expect to see from Detective Will Kinney when we return to the Quarter.

While we are excited to find out any and everything about Jason Dohring’s new character, Detective Will Kinney, we are also incredibly distracted by those arms of his. We can’t wait to see this strong human put up his best fight against the supernatural contingent in New Orleans.

Which has you most excited for season 3: the poster, the flashback stills, or the interview with Jason Dohring?

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