In addition to getting a new episode of The Originals today, we also get our first look at episode 7, “Bloodletting” in the form of five great new stills.

While we anxiously count the hours until The Originals season 1, episode 6, “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree” airs tonight, at least we can distract ourselves with some stills from next week’s episode of The Originals, “Bloodletting.”

The stills show Klaus and Elijah, surrounded by a crowd of on-lookers, watching Marcel on a balcony. Not exactly the most revealing of pictures, but we can at least theorize about why Marcel may be addressing them. Take a look at the stills and leave your thoughts below!

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And in case you need a reminder as to what exactly is going on in this episode, here is the synopsis to refresh your memory:

A BLAST FROM THE PAST — When someone from Hayley’s past makes a startling revelation, she grows concerned for herself and the baby. Amidst growing tensions between them, Klaus and Elijah turn to Sabine (guest star Shannon Kane) for help in locating Hayley, who has gone missing. After making a trip down to the bayou, Klaus has a surprising and dangerous encounter with an unexpected visitor. Meanwhile, Davina makes a surprising connection, and Marcel makes Rebekah an enticing offer that leaves her torn.

We can’t help but wonder, is Tyler Lockwood the “someone from Hayley’s past” or Klaus’ “surprising and dangerous encounter with an expected visitor”?

We know that he will be making an appearance on The Originals very soon, but could it be in episode 7? Only time will tell. Until then, be sure to tune in to The Originals when it airs tonight and every Tuesday night at 8pm EST on the CW!

What do you think of our first look at ‘Bloodletting’?

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