We finally have the first spoilers for The Newsroom season 2! So what does our favourite news team have in store in the up-and-coming season? Spoilers ahead.

Zap2It has revealed the first episode of The Newsroom season 2 will see the News Night team reporting on Occupy Wall Street.

This will establish the timeline of 2×01 at roughly September 2011, and according to Zap2It, at least the first half of the season will deal with this story. For those following along at home, episode 1×10 “The Greater Fool” was set in August 2011, which means we aren’t going to see a huge jump come season 2.

If the Occupy Wall Street plot sounds familiar to you, it may be because it was one of the real news headlines we predicted would be covered in The Newsroom season 2. What did we have to say about it back in August?

Beginning in September 2011, Occupy Wall Street was the most well-known manifestation of the “Occupy” movement.

As the fictional Atlantis Cable News offices are located in New York, we would be surprised if they skipped this story, especially as the “Occupy” movement made headlines worldwide. As part of the so-called 1%, we are sure Will would have plenty to say about this protest.

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The Newsroom season 2 will begin filming on November 12, 2012, according to star Emily Mortimer. Two guest stars have already been confirmed as returning for the second season. The first episode of season 2, the title of which is yet to be announced, will air on HBO in June 2013.

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