1:00 pm EST, March 9, 2017

Quiz: Which ‘Magicians’ character would you be during a magical bank heist?

"I think the time we invested in him may actually pay off."

The Magicians crew reassembled last night to partake in a magical bank heist. Find out which character you most relate to and what role you’d play in the heist!

There’s nothing like a good bank heist film. It’s a movie genre that has been adapted for literally every generation. Regardless of your tastes in film, there’s probably at least one of these movies you’ve enjoyed at some point.

As per usual for The Magicians, the writers took the bank heist genre and put their own unique spin on things, using magic to spice up some of the standard bank heist tropes in silly unexpected ways. (Raise your hand if you were particularly amused how the finger swapping spell played out. Poor Quentin.)

We thought it might be fun to play along with that and see where our readers fit into the whole bank heist scene. Take the quiz below to find out what your specialty would be and how could you contribute to the heist!

Also, let us know if you’re satisfied with your results in the comments! Maybe we can assemble a heist crew of our very own!

The Magicians airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Syfy.

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