If you fell in love with Sam Seaborn, wished Chris Traeger was literally your boss, or have been a Rob Lowe fan since his Brat Pack days, you won’t want to miss his newest adventure, The Lowe Files.

The Lowe Files, which just started its first season on A&E a little more than a week ago, is already a must watch for fans of the actor, as well as anyone who finds investigating all those legends and tall tales interesting. Rob Lowe and his two sons, Matthew and John Owen, hit the road to see if they can figure out the truth behind some of the world’s biggest mysteries.

Here are just a few reasons you definitely won’t want to miss ‘The Lowe Files’:

Rob Lowe and his glances straight into the camera

Seriously. Every time something weird or interesting happens, Rob looks directly into the camera and has this incredible look on his face. It’s a mixture of ‘Did you just see/hear that’ and ‘this is my “believing it” face.’ It’s brilliant and lovely and really just as much fun as you could possibly want it to be. Plus, who doesn’t want to feel like Rob Lowe is looking into their soul.

The father/son/son jokes that just NEVER end

The easy camaraderie between these two sons and their father is as good as it gets. It’s not put on for cameras. It’s not scripted. It’s brothers poking fun at each other and a father who gets in on the fun every chance he gets. These three are hilarious and you won’t regret giving this show a chance for their antics alone.

The balance of skepticism to wide-eyed belief

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, or any of those paranormal investigation shows, you were likely presented with people looking to explain what you saw without a paranormal reason, while also believing that ghosts are also a reality and could be the cause of whatever noise/happening was going on.

In The Lowe Files, you have a skeptic, an open-minded believer, and a person looking for the truth. The Lowe boys each have a unique perspective on the crazy things they’re investigating, and the different ways of looking at each situation make the show unique and fun.

The guest experts who bring an interesting dynamic to the table

In the premiere episode we met Shaman John, who accompanied the boys to an old haunted reformatory school perched on a hill, overlooking a small town in California just south of Sacramento. In the second episode, we meet a woman who has been investigating UFOs for more than a decade.

The experts come in and advise the investigating amateurs on what they are looking for and what they can expect to find. The experts leave the viewer with the tools to know what is going on since the Lowe boys are just normal people looking for answers to questions that have intrigued the world for a long time.

They really are just three regular guys looking to check out these paranormal legends

While they are looking for answers, they play pranks, they stop for midday doughnuts, and they poke more than a little fun at each other as they make their way to their next adventure. This show is just a fun way to watch a father and his sons bond over legends and mysteries that they’ve always found fascinating.

Are you watching ‘The Lowe Files’ on A&E?

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