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‘Day of the Colossus’

“Day of the Colossus” was focused on the fight to slow down Kuvira in her massive Colossus spirit-bomb machine. Though Team Avatar earns a few small victories thanks to a combination of balloon-blinding, leg-binding, and airbending, the situation is still hugely dire.

Asami, Varrick, and Zhu Li work on the remaining Hummingbird suits, hoping that flight will help them damage the Colossus. Varrick edges toward acknowledging his feelings for Zhu Li while setting up a huge electromagnetic pulse – unfortunately, it too fails to take out the massive mecha.

Lin pulls Hiroshi Sato out of prison to help Asami. The Satos rig a plasma-beam to the Hummingbirds which will saw through the shell of the Colossus and allow Team Avatar to “infect” it – and destroy it from the inside. Bataar Jr., devastated at Kuvira’s decision to, you know, kill him, tells Mako and Bolin how to shut down the power source.

Oh, and at some point Prince Wu leads refugees out of the city with badgermoles.

Varrick proposes to Zhu Li before they take off in a Hummingbird, and it is exquisite.

The Hummingbirds head for the Colossus and attempt to penetrate the shell. Varrick and Zhu Li are forced to bail, but Asami and Hiroshi get close to giving the team the opening they need. Hiroshi ejects Asami from the Hummingbird just before Colossus’s hand slams into the suit, killing Hiroshi – but allowing the team to slip inside the Colossus.

‘The Last Stand’

Inside the Colossus, the team splits up. Korra heads to the cockpit to fight Kuvira, Mako and Bolin make for the spirit power source, and Lin and Suyin begin to sabotage the interior.

Suyin and Lin manage to trash the interior of the Colossus’s arm, disabling the spirit cannon. Enraged, Kuvira rips the arm and cannon off the mecha, sending Lin and Suyin crashing toward the street while the cannon spins out into the air.

As Kuvira and Korra bend the crap out of each other in the cockpit, Mako and Bolin try to disable the spirit power – but it doesn’t work. Over Bolin’s protests, Mako decides to overheat the vines with lightning, hoping it will explode. He very nearly dies in the attempt, but Bolin pulls him out of the Colossus just before the spirit vines go nuclear.

Korra tries to get Kuvira to surrender, but the once-Great Uniter refuses, stumbling off into the Spirit Wilds. She finds the spirit cannon and tries to fire it at Korra, but the device goes wild.

Korra throws herself between its terrible beam and Kuvira; the cannon explodes, drenching the wreckage of Republic City in pink light.

A massive beam shoots toward the sky, laced with green and yellow energy – a new Spirit Portal has opened.

As the remaining team search the vines for Korra, the Avatar wakes up with Kuvira in the Spirit World. Kuvira is devastated, but Korra is understanding; she sees the similarities between herself and Kuvira, and empathizes with her need for control. Kuvira wanted to protect and guide her nation as she was not protected or guided as a child, and… hang on, we’re tearbending.

Korra leads Kuvira out of the Spirit World, where Kuvira surrenders herself to Suyin. Spirits appear around the portal, finally coming back to Republic City when no one’s tuchas is on the line.

Several weeks later, Bolin officiates hilariously at Varrick and Zhu Li’s wedding. At the party, Prince Wu confesses to Korra and Mako that he will not be taking up the throne – instead, he will dissolve the monarchy and allow the Earth Empire to be ruled democratically.

Okay Wu, you done good.

Mako tells Korra that he will always have her back, and she moves away from the celebration. Tenzin comes over, and he tells her that she has already changed the world tremendously in her few short years as the Avatar – and she admits that she is just getting started.

And then Asami joins Korra on the steps. They discuss the loss of her father, and how exhausting and difficult the last weeks have been. Asami muses that she needs a vacation, and Korra excitedly proposes that they go away together; Asami happily agrees, and suggests the Spirit World.

In the end, Korra and Asami walk toward the new Spirit Portal together, hand in hand. Bathed in the otherworldly light, they face each other and smile, excited and utterly content to explore the future…


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