A new nearly-completed image has been revealed for The Legend of Korra season 2, featuring a character who will make their debut in the upcoming book.

Co-creator Bryan Konietzko has once again treated the information-thirsty fans of The Legend of Korra with a new image snapped during a color-correction session. (And in pretty lovely quality as well – thanks, Bryan!) Check out the picture right here:

Bolin and Eska

The new image features the adorably familiar face of Bolin in some kind of conversation with a new character, who is set to be introduced in The Legend of Korra season 2 (officially titled “Book 2: Spirits”.) The character, called “Eska”, is one of Korra’s two twin cousins, who hails from the Northern Water Tribe along with her brother Desna and their father Unalaq. Not much else is known about this branch of Korra’s family, but Eska and Desna’s dour expressions in concept art revealed at last year’s San Diego Comic Con has led to their being dubbed “the creepy twins.”

Eska certainly doesn’t look especially chipper in the new image, but we’re currently positing sadness rather than creepiness. Bolin doesn’t like his usual cheerful self either; could there be some kind of romantic tension between the two? Or are both Bolin and Eska mutually concerned about another problem facing the Korra Krew? Though we do know that the two interact at other times (courtesy of an extremely blurry image pulled from the the background of another photograph – we Korra fans are that desperate) it’s really impossible to pin down just what the nature of this interaction might be.

One last interesting element to note about the new image (before we have officially picked it to death!) is that the background seems to resemble Republic City rather more than it does either of the Water Tribes. If that analysis is accurate, we can’t help but wonder how a trip to the Southern Water Tribe (as Book 2 is set to feature) has led a Water Tribe princess Eska to the big city.

Though there is still no news on a release date for The Legend of Korra season 2, it’s great to have a little bit more information to chew on. Hypable will continue to keep you updates on any developments forthcoming from the Avatar-verse!

What do you think of the new image?

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