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‘The Legend of Korra’ season 2, episode 1 recap

Hypable attended the The Legend of Korra Comic-Con fan panel in San Diego, where The Legend of Korra season 2, episode 1 premiered! Check out the our detailed recap of “Rebel Spirit.”

The episode opens up with a brief recap of what happened in Season 1 of The Legend of Korra.

The action begins as two fishermen are attacked by the dark purple tentacles of a spirit on their ship.

The action cuts to a Pro Bending contest with Bolin and two new fighters as the Fire Ferrets are pitted against the Rebel Lions. Unfortunately, the Fire Ferrets lose in the “fastest knockout ever.”

Cut to Mako on a motorcycle chasing after some rogue Waterbenders. He captures them, hitting them with a witty Spider-man-esque one-liner.

Asami enters the action on an airplane. Future Industries isn’t doing well, and she decides that the best way to bring the company to its past fame is to travel to the Southern Water tribe to get the advice of a businessman.

Tenzin’s children race onto screen with Korra, as the group race on Airbending balls. Korra wins by going into a brief Avatar State, earning her a scolding from Tenzin. It is then revealed that Tenzin’s brother Bumi will be around 24/7 to hang out with his family as a retired man.

When Tenzin calls Korra out for her lack of mastery in Airbending, she tries to show off by air-punching. He declines her show of power, telling her that she needs to travel to the “real” Airbending masters to become a master of the bending art.

When Tenzin’s kids hear of the Glacier Spirit Festival from Korra, it’s decided that Tenzin’s family will make a family trip of her Airbending training.

Mako and Korra catch up on the boat ride over to the South Water Tribe. After recalling his police work, they argue over the validity of Korra’s Airbending.

Upon arriving at the Southern Water Tribe, Katara and her daughter Kya greet the crew. There’s a funny moment where Korra’s dad Tonraq warns Mako to be careful with Korra.

Suddenly, a ship is noted as coming in from sea. It carries the Chief of the Southern Water Tribe, and Korra’s Uncle, Unalaq. Cousins of Korra Eska and Desna are introduced, and Bolin is surprised to see that Desna is a boy. Bolin shows an attraction to both, seeing as he can’t determine which is which gender. The scene ends with a notable tension between Korra’s dad Tonraq and her Uncle Unalaq.

Asami and Bolin walk into the palace of the eccentric businessman Varick to get Futrure Industries back on its feet. He introduces the duo to “moving pictures,” referencing the first ever moving picture that was taken of a horse in stride, The Horse in Motion. Varick makes a deal with Asami, even though he only cares for Bolin. Asami hugs Bolin, fueling a new ship.

Korra goes to a celebratory dinner for the festival, in which Unalaq states that the Northern Water Tribe must save the Southern Water Tribe. The Southern Water Tribe is being attacked by angered spirits. It is at this dinner that Unalaq offers to help Korra with her spiritual side, which she considers, while Tenzin and Tonraq disapprove.

The Glacier Sprit Festival begins, with Korra and Mako flirting over cotton candy as Bolin notices the twins again. Bolin flirts with Eska again, this time, winning her over because “he amuses her.”

Mako and Korra play an Aang water gun game as they speak of Unalaq teaching Korra. She asks him for his advice, and when he tells her he’s supportive of whatever she wants to do, she oddly gets upset.

That night, Naga wakes up the crew on a mountainside villa to a blood-curling howl. Suddenly, a creature called The Dark Spirit jumps out of the snow. Korra immediately retaliates, with Tonraq helping with an ice bending attack.

When it appears that the spirit is trapped, it still attacks Korra and Tonraq, sending Korra into an Avatar State. She hits The Dark Spirit with a lot of hard hits, but the battle is finished when Unalaq hypnotizes it with some kind of invisible bending. The spirit turns golden and walks away peacefully.

Korra immediately decides that she needs to stay with Unalaq to study how to fight the venomous spirits. Tenzin once again objects, but Korra angrily insists that she no longer needs Tenzin in her life.

The episode ends as Katara says goodbye to Tenzin and his two siblings. She tells him that it is important to stay so close to your siblings. The three travel via sky bison to the Air Temples, along with Tenzin’s family. Korra, Mako, Bolin, and Asami stay behind in the Southern Water Tribe. Mako expresses his faith in Korra, and Unalaq tells her that he has great plans for her.

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