5:15 pm EDT, August 16, 2013

‘The Legend of Korra’: Part 2 of ‘Republic City Hustle’ released

The second installment of The Legend of Korra prequel webseries, Republic City Hustle, hit the web today, riding a wave of tragicomic cuteness.

Republic City Hustle, the surprise prequel webseries to The Legend of Korra, continued today with its second of three parts. The series, which debuted last week, tells the story of Mako and Bolin’s difficult childhood – and features the introduction of a much-beloved furry sidekick.

Legend of Korra: “Republic City Hustle: Part 2”

Part 2 of Republic City Hustle begins with Mako and Bolin collecting bets on the upcoming pro-bending match which the famous Toza has been paid off to lose. While soliciting a pet store owner, Bolin falls head-over-heels for a little fire ferret who has been designated as dinner for the store’s python-anaconda. (Don’t let that snake on a plane.)

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Unfortunately, Mako doesn’t want to take on the responsibility of another mouth to feed, however tiny and adorable. “You have to toughen up! Big animals eat the little animals,” he tells Bolin angrily. “That’s just how it goes.”

The point is further driven home when Bolin approaches Toza and urges him not to throw the fight. But Toza bitterly tells Bolin that his glory days are over; he needs the money, and has made his decision. Mako is upset that his brother contradicted their orders from the Triple Threat Triads, but Bolin cries out that he can’t turn his back on people who are down.

That night, Bolin breaks into the pet store and tries to rescue the tiny fire ferret. The python-anaconda attacks Bolin, but Mako arrives in time to save his brother and the fire ferret. Bolin accepts his brother’s reprimand and insists they adopt the fuzzy creature; Mako consents so long as Bolin feeds him, but softens to the ferret’s irresistible cuteness. As the boys head off to the big pro-bending match, Bolin announces that the fire ferret’s name is Pabu. “Just kind of came to me when the snake was crushing me,” he says. “Oxygen deprivation gives you some good ideas.”

In other (major) Legend of Korra news, the release date for Book 2: Spirits was revealed yesterday. The show’s second season will debut on Sept. 13 at 7 p.m.

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