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SeptBender: The best ‘The Legend of Korra’ minor characters (GIFs)

The Legend of Korra has a lot of amazing side characters. We’ve picked out the best and discussed what makes them so special!


Jinora: The reasonable one out of the group, and the best way of balancing out this rambunctious group of new Airbenders. With her discipline and truthfulness, we could see her grow up into a really impressive Airbender!

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Ikki: Her reaction when Korra and Asami shut her out of their room was gold. We love Ikki for her quirkiness, raw Airbending skills, and positive, cheery attitude. Just don’t try and leave her out of a conversation!

Meelo: There aren’t enough words that can describe this “fartbender.” He’s ridiculous, and we love every single one of his lines. However, our favorite so far in The Legend of Korra season 2 is when he asks the half-naked Uncle Bumi if he has a baby in his tummy. Pure cuteness!

Shiro Shinobi

the legend of korra season 2

This fast talking pro bending match announcer brings a chuckle or two to every scene that he’s in. Our favorite moment from him last season was, “He is leveling one of those glove devices at me now and I believe he is about to electrocute me. I am currently wetting my pants.”

Although it doesn’t seem like we’re going to be seeing a lot of pro bending in The Legend of Korra season 2, we’re happy that he is still doing the voiceovers for the “last week on The Legend of Korra” intros.

Hobo Gommu

the legend of korra season 2

This homeless-person-turned-Team-Avatar-savior has been quite the scene stealer! He was introduced when Korra arrives in Republic City and is cooking some fish caught out of a pond. He hilariously jumps out of the bushes, asks to have some fish, and then goes back to his daily routine when a guard comes by.

Later on, after Amon’s forces take over Republic City, he makes Team Avatar an interesting soup made “from the best dumpsters the city has to offer,” resulting in this reaction from Asami.

We’re hoping to see more of Hobo Gommu in The Legend of Korra season 2!


the legend of korra season 2 minor characters

With amazing fighting skills and one of the coolest costumes in the entire series, we couldn’t make this list without including Amon’s former right-hand man.

Although he appears to have come to a sad end at the hands of his former leader, we have hopes that this electric stick wielding warrior will somehow show up in the eleventh hour to show his allegiance to Team Avatar!


the legend of korra season 2 tahno

The love Avatards have for this minor character is baffling. Whether it’s his flowing locks or his snarky attitude, there seems to be something inherently attractive about this dirty Waterbending probender.

Much like Shiro, we unfortunately doubt we’ll see much of Tahno in The Legend of Korra season 2.

Feathered hat man

the legend of korra season 2

The oddest to include on our list is a man who always seems to show up just around. He happened to be there when Korra was arriving at Republic City, and went on to witness her ride Naga around recklessly throughout the next couple of days, harboring his hate for the Avatar.

After showing up in various other random locations, such as Tarrlock’s press release and the non-bender curfew protest, he was there to witness firsthand Amon’s secret Waterbending. What we like so much about him is that he represented the common non-bending folk, and how they were reacting to the events of Korra’s arrival and Amon’s rise and fall in Republic City.

That’s a lot more detailed than you initially knew of him, huh?

Who’s your favorite ‘The Legend of Korra’ minor character?

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