The Last of Us 2 was hinted at by directors Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley in an Ask Me Anything on Reddit.

‘The Last of Us 2’

When asked if there was going to be further content for the universe Joel and Ellie live in, Creative Director Druckmann said, “It’s possible. We’re playing with some ideas, but no direction has been set yet for the next game.

By stating “for the next game,” Druckmann confirmed The Last of Us 2 is in the planning process.

Later on, Druckmann tries to cover for himself, answering “Will you be making another The Last of Us and will it feature Joel and Ellie?” with “Don’t know yet.”

’The Last of Us’ ending detailed

Game director Straley spoke of another The Last of Us ending “where Ellie and Joel were driving completely contented and satisfied with their adventures off into a glorious sunset… but that didn’t feel right. It just wasn’t honest to the world or the characters we created.”

A Redditor asked why the current ending was kept even after it playtested poorly, to which Druckmann responded, “It felt honest. Anything else felt like we were pandering.”

Three DLC packs confirmed

When asked about the DLC, Straley dropped some big hints. “There’s stuff in the pipe… to be talked about soon-ish… hang in there!”

This all but confirms that the DLC will focus on the character Ish, what with keywords “pipe” (relating to the sewers that Ish’s group survived in) and the “ish” hyphened at the end of “soon.” He went on to also confirm that “characters would return” to this single player DLC.

Nothing about the two other DLC packs, which will feature multiplayer play, was detailed. However, a more specific time period for all things DLC was given in one of Neil’s responses: “Should hear about it this month,” likely meaning August.

Joel and David character details revealed

Joel’s wife wasn’t shown in any pictures in his house in the beginning of the game, and for good reason. “The backstory was that she left Joel after Sarah was born. Not someone he looked up to to keep a picture around,” said Druckmann.

As for antagonist David, Druckmann stated, “David’s cannibalism came after the outbreak. His other traits (both good and bad) were always there.”

Lastly, when asked if Joel was going to sing, Neil coly replied, “Are you going to PAX? :)”

Read through the entire AMA on Reddit here.

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