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‘The House’ book review: A haunting love story

The House by Christina Lauren delves into a new kind of haunted house that leads to an unconventional love story.


Have you ever had an awful day, only to find peace once settling in at home? Christina Lauren’s latest Young Adult Novel The House questions what it would be like if your home was the last place you would be at ease.

Delilah Blue is like any other girl who is fascinating by everything that goes bump in the night. Delilah also has one other fascination in a boy named Gavin Timothy.

He’s the reason she was sent to boarding school and now that she’s back in town, Delilah can’t stay away. But there are forces greater than the both of them that will try to tear the two teenagers apart.

As Delilah and Gavin grow closer he shares a secret with her that both delights and frightens her. His house is anything but normal and will lead them down journey that will leave the readers of The House on the edge of their seats.

‘The House’ Review:

As usual, Christina Lauren has written a fantastic story and The House does not disappoint. Even fans of Christina Lauren’s romance novels will enjoy their venture into the Young Adult genre. The plot line keeps the reader glued to the pages (or e-reader) and you won’t ever want to skip ahead. Every detail will have you wondering if maybe you own house could be haunted too.

Readers will love Delilah for her strength, oddities, and self-confidence. If there’s one thing Christina Lauren excels in it’s writing amazing female characters. You wont find a damsel in distress here. If you don’t want to be Delilah you will wish that she was your best friend.

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One of my favorite parts about The House was that while the novel is considered young adult it is anything but the typical romance story. Delilah is part of that reason, and Gavin is the other. He’s the odd boy out, with an even odder upraising, and a budding sexuality to delight. Deep down he’s the guy you want by your side, the one who only cares for others.

Mix the romance in with the haunted house and you have a recipe for perfection. This reviewer can’t wait to read The House all over again.

‘The House’ will be released on October 6, you can pre-order it on Amazon or IndieBound. And don’t forget to add it to your GoodReads list!

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