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Five schway ‘The Flash’ season 5 premiere questions we need answered

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The Flash season 5 premiered this week, and we have five questions that the episode raised for the rest of the season.

In The Flash‘s season 5 premiere, “Nora,” Nora bonded with her father while giving her mother the cold shoulder. This, Barry discovers, is because Nora grew up without him — when Barry disappears in 2024 (as hinted at by the future newspaper) he never returns. Nora grew up idolizing and wanting to emulate Barry and The Flash.

After realizing that Nora was faking being stuck in the present because she wanted to get a chance to get to know her father, Barry decided to let her stay… for now. Iris is also happy because this means she has another chance to bond with her daughter.

Meanwhile, Ralph tracks down Caitlin’s father’s death certificate, only to discover that the medical examiner who signed it never existed. And Wally, after helping Barry and Nora stop a plane from crashing, decides to return to his journey to find himself.

After this action-packed episode, we have five questions we’re excited to have answers in the upcoming episodes.

Why is Nora so cold toward Iris?

Though the explanation that Nora grew up without her father explains her desire to latch onto Barry, it does not explain her coldness toward Iris. She says that Iris has been around for her whole life, but she doesn’t say anything else about their relationship. But they clearly don’t seem to be close in the future.

So, what happened? Is this a result of Iris grieving over losing Barry in the Crisis? Or is there something else entirely that has caused a rift between mother and daughter?

What happens to Barry in the Crisis?

Barry has already disappeared into the Speed Force once, spending several months there while Team Flash worked to free him. They eventually succeeded — but clearly they have been unable to save him from whatever happened in the future Crisis.

In the DC comics’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Anti-Monitor starts destroying the various Earths of the Multiverse. Many heroes eventually work together to defeat the Anti-Monitor and create a single Earth in the place of the Multiverse. In the process, Barry sacrifices himself, and he remains dead for 23 years.

With that in mind, what happens in 2024 that causes Barry to disappear? Will The Flash reflect Barry’s decades-long absence in the comics on the show?

Where is Caitlin’s father?

The revelation that Caitlin’s father’s death certificate is forged indicates that he faked his death. But why? And where has he been for all these years? And what does he know about Caitlin’s meta abilities, which are unusual in that she has had them since childhood rather than since the particle accelerator exploded?

Will Cecile keep her powers?

We don’t see much of Cecile in this episode, but in her one appearance, she is able to read the thoughts of her new daughter. Everyone expected her telepathy to end with her pregnancy, but perhaps it will linger on.

Will her powers fade as she is further removed from her pregnancy, or will she be a permanent telepath? Either way, that’s going to be handy for taking care of a baby that can only express its needs through crying.

Are there more rooms in S.T.A.R. Labs we don’t know about?

Somehow, Team Flash had no idea there was a lounge in S.T.A.R. Labs despite being there for five years (longer for Caitlin and Cisco). Yet Joe discovered it and has been sleeping there since the beginning. This is a funny reveal that brings some light-heartedness to the episode as well as a potential new set in which to set scenes.

But it also begs the question, what other parts of S.T.A.R. Labs don’t we know about? I vote for the S.T.A.R. Labs arcade or bowling alley.

Bonus: Will we get any more ‘Batman Beyond’ references?

Nora’s favorite slang word, “Schway,” comes from the DC animated series Batman Beyond, which features an elderly Bruce mentoring a younger Batman named Terry McGinnis as he protects the streets of Neo-Gotham.

Considering Nora comes from 30 years in the future, she would be a contemporary of Terry’s Batman, as he takes up the Bat mantle in 2039. With the Arrowverse getting the rights to Batwoman, might we see more references to Batman Beyond or Terry McGinnis? Please?

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

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