8:10 pm EDT, July 22, 2017

‘The Flash’ at San Diego Comic-Con: Panel recap, season 4 trailer!

The CW brought back the Fastest Man Alive to Comic-Con for the fourth year in a row, and we live-blogged The Flash‘s Ballroom 20 panel!

After a whirlwind third season that gave us everything from Kid Flash, to Flashpoint, to the Barry and Iris proposal(s) we’ve always dreamed of, season 4 is gearing up to come back with all new set of heroes and villains for our brainy friends at Star Labs.

The Flash SDCC 2017 live blog

5:16 PST: Black Lightning panel just ended! Time to start The Flash panel!

5:17 PST: We’re getting a sneak peak at new footage from the new season.

5:21 PST: You guys. Season 4 looks AWESOME. Also, it seems like Iris might actually get some of her own agency… she’s the real star of the season 4 reel.

5:21 PST: The cast is coming out! Omg, Keiynan Lonsdale is dressed as Where’s Waldo. Precious.

5:22 PST: “It’s so much more fun to be bad!” Danielle Panabaker loved the darker tone of last season because she got to go full Killer Frost. But whether you love Caitlin Snow or Killer Frost, she promises that next season no one will be disappointed. There will be plenty of both.

5:24 PST: Grant Gustin admitted that he’s really bad at keeping secrets.

5:24 PST: Grant had to act against himself last season in the episode that Tom Cavanagh directed. It wasn’t easy material, especially because the scene was so emotionally charged, but Tom Cavanagh thinks that he’s an incredible actor for being able to match each characters energy. “Also, you’re very handsome,” Tom joked.

5:26 PST: One time Tom sent the EPs a video of four or five different “Wells” that he could play. “Nobody’s pulling for the mime Wells.”

5:27 PST: The producers never told Candice that Iris wasn’t actually going to die. Grant wanted to save her the worry though so he spoiled it for her early on.

5:28 PST: Everybody had a great time on the musical episode. Jesse L. Martin was especially excited to act next to Victor Garber.

5:29 PST: Joe’s romance with Cecille is going to get a little bit more serious next season.

5:30 PST: Carlos really hit is off with Jessica Camacho, the actress who plays Gypsy right away because she’s such a cool girl and really committed actress. She gives it 100%.

5:32 PST: The Big Bad for season 4 is The Thinker.

5:32 PST: Gypsy’s father Breacher is going to show up and he’s going to be played by DANNY TREJO.

5:33 PST: The Mechanic is going to be a female villain for next season as well.

5:33 PST: After three speedsters they really wanted to switch it up in terms of villains for season 4. With the Thinker as the villain it’s going to be the Fastest Man Alive versus the Fastest Mind Alive.

5:34 PST: Season 4 will also have a lighter tone that season 3, harkening back to the first season.

5:35 PST: Even though Barry is trapped in the speed force at the end of season 3, he will be in the season 4 premiere.

5:35 PST: Candice says that Iris is devastated that Barry’s gone into the speed force and they didn’t get to have a discussion on it, he just up and left. So at the start of season 4 Iris is channeling her energy into being the new leader of Team Flash.

5:37 PST: Danielle is the best at keeping show secrets.

5:38 PST: Carlos really loved the episode from last season where they got to go eight years in the future and use the same sets in a different way. That was also a great episode for Tom who directed it because he got to really see and experience his costars’ acting.

5:39 PST: Tom Cavanagh started crying when they did their “Team Flash” chant on the set!

5:41 PST: For Candice, her favorite episode of the season was Flashpoint because it had a fun feel and she really loved Iris and Wally’s brother/sister crime-fighting team. That was also Keiynan’s favorite episode because that was the first time he suited up as Kid Flash! (Grant gave him practical advice for how to work in the suit and how slide into it.)

5:42 PST: For Todd the EP his favorite moment of last year was working on the musical because it was a challenge but it was also a lot of fun.

5:43 PST: Question time from the audience! And yes, there will be more crossovers next season.

5:44 PST: Iris will play a role in helping to get Barry out of the speed force because she’s “Boss Lady at Team Flash.”

5:45 PST: The inspiration for the musical episode came from this cast that can do anything. Greg Berlanti is also a huge lover of musicals, so it was his brainchild.

5:45 PST: Right now they don’t have any plans to do another musical.

5:48 PST: An audience member makes the very valid argument that we still don’t understand how Savitar actually exists since, you know, he had to kill Iris to exist but… she’s not really dead.

5:50 PST: Johnny Quick is an option to come into play since there’s so many multi-verses.

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