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‘The Flash’ 5×03 screener secrets: The hunt for a serial killer

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The Flash 5×03, “The Death of Vibe,” introduces the season’s new Wells as Team Flash tries to hunt down Cicada, a prolific meta serial killer.

In the last episode, Team Flash ran into the season’s Big Bad, Cicada, for the first time. They discovered the danger of his power-dampening dagger, and Nora hinted that he is a villain she knows about from the future.

The synopsis for “The Death of Vibe” reads:

CICADA TARGETS A MEMBER OF TEAM FLASH — After Cicada’s (Chris Klein) attack on The Flash (Grant Gustin), the team realizes they need to think outside the box to stop this dangerous new foe. Desperate to help her parents, Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) comes up with a plan that ultimately puts a member of Team Flash in danger. Meanwhile, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) delves into her past.

We have five screener secrets to prepare you for the episode:

Nora’s effects on the timeline continue

Nora’s continued presence in 2018 is having more effects on the timeline than Team Flash initially anticipated — is anyone surprised? Anyway, Nora reveals that she knows of Cicada from the future Flash museum, but he has arrived in Central City earlier than he did in her timeline. And his victims are different than those attributed to him in the future.

This leads to some serious guilt on Nora’s part as well as her overcompensating to try to fix things. Barry also gets the chance to show his Daddy Chops as he provides her with a pretty good pep talk; no one understands feeling guilty for changing timelines more than he does, after all.

Meet Sherloque Wells

With a slightly-less-intelligent Harry back on Earth-2, Team Flash calls in another Wells to help catch Cicada; according to Nora, Team Flash didn’t do this in the future so it might change things.

This Wells? Sherloque Wells, a detective who charges exorbitant rates. He shows the deductive skills of his namesake, but, as with all the other Wells that we’ve met, there are some serious quirks. (Bringing in another detective, doesn’t make Ralph feel very good about himself either.)

Cicada sets his eyes on Vibe

After the confrontation with Team Flash in the previous episode, Cicada zeroes in on Vibe as his next target for assassination. In studying press clippings featuring Vibe, Cicada notes that Joe West appears in many of them. With no other clue on where to find Vibe, he goes after Joe to lure in Vibe.

Caitlin and Ralph keep digging into the past

As the rest of Team Flash jumps headfirst into solving the Cicada mystery, Caitlin and Ralph continue their quest into finding out what happened to Caitlin’s dad. After vibing her mother forging the death certificate in the previous episode, Caitlin, with Ralph in tow, confronts her mother. Her mother, though, denies everything and warns her daughter to leave the past alone.

Now that they know something is up, though, Caitlin and Ralph aren’t just going to give up. Breaking into her mom’s company files yields some curious results for Caitlin.

Nora is hiding something

In the final moments of the episode, Sherloque confronts Nora about her choice to intervene in the timeline when she did. The conversation ends quickly, but it’s clear Sherloque has some suspicions about Nora, and Nora’s reaction indicates he’s right to feel that way. Hmmmm.

The Flash 5×03 “The Death of Vibe” airs Tuesday, October 23 at 8:00 p.m. ET on The CW.

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