Maze Runner fans assemble! Come discuss The Fever Code with author James Dashner during a live Google Hangout this Thursday!

The Google Hangout will take place June 30 at 8 p.m. EST where fans are encouraged to ask all the questions about the prequel to the Maze Runner series The Fever Code. In particular, the first two chapters of the book.

If you were unaware, the first two chapters of The Fever Code we’re released last month. They were attached to the newly released paperback version of Dashner‘s The Rule of Thoughts, the second book in his Mortality Doctrine series.

Follow this link to watch the chat live and submit your questions!


To prepare for the chat, you can run out to your local bookstore and check out those chapters now. You may also want to read the excerpt EW released as well. We can’t pass up on an opportunity to give Dashner a hard time for torturing our favorite characters!

Although The Fever Code is a prequel to the Maze Runner series, fans should be relieved (or worried?) that the book supposedly has an unpredictable ending.

Which again, is a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it.

On Twitter Dashner has also mentioned that there’s a lot of good stuff with Chuck in The Fever Code and we’re going to see exactly how everything unfolded surrounding Newt’s limp. So brace yourselves Maze Runner fans. It sounds like this book will be hitting exactly where it hurts.

‘The Fever Code’ will be released on September 27

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