3:15 pm EST, October 12, 2012

Could Nolan Ross’ time on ‘Revenge’ be coming to a close?

Where would Emily Thorne be without her trusty sidekick, Nolan Ross? Gabriel Mann opens up to let us know what we can expect from everyone’s favorite billionaire this season on Revenge.

Nolan is definitely one of our favorite characters on Revenge because he’s always willing to give Emily a hand, but could his time on the show be coming to an end? Gabriel Mann let theTVaddict.com know what might be in store for Nolan Ross this season. Potential spoilers!

According to Mann, Nolan “this year is bigger, badder, tougher… not trying to get kidnapped, tortured and tied up again. I think he might have taken a few hits from what happened at the end of last season and has decided to make some rather drastic changes.”

From last Sunday’s episode, we got a peek into Nolan’s life apart from Emily. We got to see him running his company, NolCorp, and how he works as businessman. It looks like we’ll be getting to see even more of Nolan on his own this season.

“In terms of Nolan’s character, what you’re going to start to see this year is what his life is like outside of the world of Emily: The world of NolCorp… maybe secret family members! Mike’s [Showrunner Mike Kelley] intentions this year is to really take the cast of characters we have and give them as much juice as possible. As to whether that means somebody is going to not make it, very likely! Will that be me, possibly, I don’t know. I’m having a great time on the show and am not quite ready to give up the Hamptons just yet, but anything can happen.”

We sure hope that Nolan makes it out alive this season. What would we do without him?

It’s possible that Nolan could also know something about Emily’s mom, but Mann isn’t giving us too many details just yet.

“All I can say is that I feel like there’s a hand he has not dealt yet. I’ll leave it at that!”

Also this season, now that Amanda is back and pregnant with Jack’s baby, the friendship that Nolan worked so hard to build with Jack last season is feeling strained.

“Nolan is not a Fauxmanda fan and she’s moved back in. That will very much change his relationship with Jack. I’d like to think that we make it through because he’s kind of my best guy friend. But I have a feeling it’s going to get really ugly this year. I will continue to try to give him my own best/worst advice and where that leads is probably somewhere terrible.”

We’re excited to see a little bit more of Nolan this year, since all we really know is his relationship to Emily. Do you think Revenge could survive without Nolan?

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