3:34 pm EDT, July 7, 2020

Watch the heartwarming trailer for Netflix’s ‘The Claudia Kishi Club’ documentary

Netflix’s The Claudia Kishi Club documentary aims to explain why the beloved Baby-Sitters Club character made such a profound impact on generations of Asian American women.

Those who grew up reading The Baby-Sitters Club books will likely be all too familiar with Claudia Kishi— the group’s resident Vice President, and artist extraordinaire. She also happens to be an example of a rare Asian American protagonist who defies a lot of the stereotypes of Asian teens we often see portrayed in Hollywood.

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Now, with Netflix introducing a whole new generation to the BSC, the streamer is also gearing up to shine a spotlight on the Claudia herself in the brand new documentary, The Claudia Kishi Club.

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The first trailer for the upcoming documentary was officially released on Tuesday (July 7), and it features a cast of real life Asian American artists and writers including Yumi Sakugawa, Sarah Kuhn, and Phil Yu. Together, they take part in sharing what it meant to them to see a character like Claudia in the pages of Ann M. Martin’s well beloved series, and how having a fictional role model like Claudia helped inspire them.

The official synopsis for the documentary film also teases that viewers can expect to see “nostalgic readings, personal recollections, and DIY-style stop motion collages.”

Check out the heartwarming trailer for yourselves below!

The Claudia Kishi Club officially hits Netflix on July 10.

Until then, you can take a stroll down memory lane with Claudia and the rest of your favorite BSC members by checking out the new Baby-Sitters Club series, streaming now on Netflix!

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