One of the highlights of The Catch season 1, has been its amazing soundtrack. Here are some of the tracks we’ll be jamming to until season 2!

Shondaland shows are known for many things, including their drama, strong female characters, and of course, their soundtracks. Every song is carefully curated to create and enhance powerful moments. All of the songs on this list did just that for some key moments in the first season of The Catch. Did we miss your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ by Lianne La Havas — episode 1, ‘The Pilot’

This beautiful song accompanied Alice and Ben way back when they were still Alice and Christopher. Despite Alice’s aversion to wedding planning of any form, even she couldn’t help but wear her gorgeous wedding gown in front of the mirror, until Christopher so rudely barged in and took it off. Lianne La Havas’ vocals were the perfect backdrop for the first time we really saw these two as a couple.

the catch, ben and alice, wedding dress

‘Feel Good’ by Urban Mystic — episode 2, ‘The Real Killer’

The Catch is a fabulous place to look for a new slow jam, but it’s also more than able to provide a new track for your workout playlist. “Feel Good” is one of the many fun songs that accompanied the con artists during their illegal escapades. After Alice cleared their account, Margot’s Angels had to result to some less glamorous tricks to reclaim their savings. Urban Mystic made their pick-pocketing montage a highlight of the episode.

the catch, ben, margot, reggie

‘Premonitions’ by Vaults — episode 3, ‘The Trial’

Ben and Alice’s phone call at the end of The Catch season 1, episode 3, “The Trial,” was a momentous occasion in the season. After Alice caught Ben in the middle of a con, he had a lot of explaining to do. Margot was only a few feet away from him, but Ben still risked calling Alice to set things straight. The conversation wasn’t the most romantic, but “Premonitions” set the perfect tone for what the two people were feeling.

the catch, phone call

‘Dreams’ by Robot Koch feat. Stephen Henderson — episode 4, ‘The Princess and the I.P.’

When Ben lied to Margot about Princess Zara’s check, it was a turning point for his character. “Dreams” was a great addition to the scene in which we said goodbye to the lovable Princess Zara, and watched Ben pledge his allegiance to Team Alice.

the catch, ben and princess zara

‘Agustina’ by Diana Frangi and Gustavo Ares — episode 5, ‘The Laragan Gambit’

The soundtrack of The Catch is one of the more diverse compilations on television. With this addition to the list, we take a step into the instrumental world with a tango piece. “Agustina” played Margot, Ben and Felicity into the Laragan Gambit, where they would unknowingly face all of their competitors. It also served as the accompaniment for the iconic Margot and Felicity tango! Next time you’re at a wedding and this one comes on over the speaker, you’ll know what to do.

the catch, margot and felicity

‘Keeping Me Alive’ by Bob Moses — episode 6, ‘The Benefactor’

This is the first Bob Moses song featured on this list, but far from the only one heard on The Catch. His music was featured in most of the season 1 episodes, but “Keeping Me Alive” was definitely a standout. This song elevates the mood during a very sexy montage of Ben and Alice, and Valerie and Agent Dao together.

the catch, valerie and dao

‘Prayer’ by Elvy Yost — episode 8, ‘The Package’

This list would not be complete without recognizing the musical talents of Elvy Yost, who plays Sophie Novak on The Catch. Danny surreptitiously gets his hands on this video of Sophie, and it brings his crush to a whole new level. The video is actually from Elvy’s own YouTube channel, which also has other amazing songs featuring Elvy and her ukelele!

‘The Ladida Song’ by Butterfly Boucher — episode 10, ‘The Wedding’

One of the final musical moments of The Catch season 1, was also one of the best. The powerful melody of “The Ladida Song” helped the good guys expose Sybil’s plan to literally take over America. The deceptively innocent looking con artist finally got what was coming to her as the Butterfly Boucher song faded out.

the catch, ben and rhys

What was your favorite musical moment from ‘The Catch’ season 1?

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