The Catch is billed as the Alice and Ben show, but the Kensington firm gave them some serious competition in the season 1 finale.

If Shonda Rhimes ever finds herself desperate for a spin-off idea, we’ve got the perfect solution for her: The Kensington firm. We always knew Margot was basically the coolest person alive, but the more we’ve gotten to know about her family, the more we fall in love with the entire Kensington/Griffiths/Bishop clan (even though we have no idea how their last names work).

Things escalated when John Simm joined the cast as Margot’s brother, Rhys, and in the season 1 finale of The Catch, Sybil completed this hilarious, entertaining, and completely dysfunctional family. The Kensington firm is more than a group of con artists, they’re a team of absolute scene stealers. Here are six times when all eyes were on them in The Catch season 1 finale.

When they got the counterfeiter, and her little dog too

the catch, nia vardalos

After being severely underused in her first appearance on The Catch, Leah Wells, played by the magnificent Nia Vardalos, made up for it in the season 1 finale. Besides being a hilarious addition to the family, Leah’s skills were really cool, and she had a great dynamic with Reggie (another underutilized character).

When we first heard that Rhys was trying to secure the counterfeiter, it seemed like his intentions were obvious. The con artist game gets a lot more relaxing if you have someone who can just make endless amounts of money for you. However, Sybil’s plan was much more intricate, and demonstrated how powerful she is. If Leah sticks with the firm, they’re going to be an unstoppable force.

The family dinner that put all your Thanksgivings to shame

You think your family gatherings are tiresome or awkward? When one child casually mentions that their mother murdered their father, it takes things to a whole new level. Margot has been showcasing her skills throughout the entire season of The Catch, so it’s been difficult to understand why she wouldn’t have been granted the opportunities she wanted with her own family. Luckily, her mother cleared everything up for us. The tiny glimpse we got of this family hanging out together, including Ben as the fourth wheel, has us longing for more.

When Rhys and Ben could have coordinated a little better

Rhys may be the one that was born into the firm, but when it comes to the art of conning, he has a lot to learn from his buddy Benji. Rhys’ clear admiration of Ben, combined with Ben’s incredulous looks, made for some of the best scenes of the whole season.

Reggie has been away for most of The Catch season 1, and Ben and Margot don’t often team up in the same way that Ben and Rhys did. We’ve seen glimpses of this before, but one of them usually had ulterior motives. When these two are genuinely working toward a common goal, they are absolutely hilarious together!

When Sybil casually busted Margot out of jail

the catch, sybil griffiths

They may be dysfunctional, but they still follow basic family etiquette. When your daughter’s in jail, you have to break her out! There weren’t any chiseled walls or mysterious power outages here. Just a simple “it’s a prison break, darling,” from the most deceivingly adorable mother of the year.

It was tragic seeing our con queen sitting in that interrogation room, so we’re grateful that Sybil decided she was worth her time and resources, even though Margot got into this mess by stealing something that Sybil wanted.

When Rhys proposed to Benji

the catch, ben and rhys

These two were so magical together that they deserved a second spot on the list. As we’ve seen, Ben is willing to do some pretty extreme things for a con, but he was really hoping that kissing Rhys wouldn’t be one of them. After Rhys’ previous debacle, the two finally got their story straight and showed what an amazing team they can be. They have to be in love, right? Right?

When Margot basically won the entire game

the catch, margot bishop

Last, but certainly not least, we have the woman that brought all of this madness into our lives. After her whole life fell apart in the blink of an eye, she didn’t waste a second before rebuilding her empire. Sybil and Rhys have both had their scary moments, but in the end, Margot came out on top, and she took everyone else down on her way there!

What was your favorite Kensington firm moment in ‘The Catch’ season 1 finale?

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