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Check out the adorable cover for ‘The Bookworm Crush’ and read an exclusive excerpt!

I read this excerpt for The Bookworm Crush by Lisa Brown Roberts and I was completely hooked by the story.

So, sometimes you just hear a description for a book and you just can’t help but get pulled in, and that’s basically what happened with The Bookworm Crush. I haven’t read Lisa Brown Roberts before (I don’t know anything about The Replacement Crush that this book is spinning off from, but it sounds pretty freaking wonderful), but I’m definitely intrigued by this story, and I can’t wait to see what happens with Toff and Amy. Not to mention, I just really like the name Toff.

Check out the adorably charming cover for this teen romance and I dare you not to be completely and thoroughly delighted by the chemistry between these two in the excerpt below. As someone who has had to explain shipping and OTPs to more than one person and gotten nothing but blank stares in reply, I know very well what Amy is going through in this scene, but at least Toff is interested enough to read her OTP entry.

I can’t wait to see what is next for them!

Take a good look at the ADORABLE cover for ‘The Bookworm Crush’

I am loving this trend of fun, flirty, illustrated covers. They have me stacking more and more titles on my TBR!

And read this delightful excerpt to get you properly hooked

“So what do you have to do for the first round?” Toff asked.

“I have to post my favorite OTP and why I love them.”


Amy needed to coach her coach. “One True Pairing, a couple you ‘ship—”

“Ship?” His eyebrows bunched over his nose.

“Short for relationship. It’s when you want a couple to be together, or love a couple that is already together.”

“Are we talking real life or books?”

“Fiction.” She chugged from her iced mocha, which was warm now. “The first famous ship was Spock and Kirk from Star Trek, back in the seventies.”

She picked up Toff’s pencil, writing on his paper while she explained. “People used to call that ship Kirk/Spock, and then just K/S, which turned into just ‘slash’ for ‘slash fiction.’ Romances between two guys.” She drew a big purple slash and set down the pencil.

Toff glanced up, eyes wide. “Does Dallas know about this?”

“I’m sure he does. You know he’s a huge Trekkie.” Amy studied Toff’s expression, trying to gauge the meaning behind his question. He wasn’t homophobic, was he? That would crush her crush faster than just about anything.

“Huh. Cool.” Toff grinned and resumed chewing on his straw. “This book stuff is more complicated than I realized. So who’s your OTP?”

Amy would not ship herself and Toff. Would not.

“I have several, but my top two are Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, and Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice.” She was ninety-nine percent certain Toff knew HP but not P&P.

Toff frowned then spoke around his straw. “But Hermione ended up with the redheaded dude, not Harry.”

“Ships can be canon or not,” Amy explained, “like Harry and Hermione.”

“What?” Toff took the straw out of his mouth. “Are you even speaking English right now? Because I know all of those words, Ames”—his lips quirked up—“but I don’t think they belong in a sentence together.”

Amy let out a long, exasperated sigh. “Maybe it would help if you read what I’ve written so far for my OTP entry.” She slid her book across the table to him.

“Great idea.” He shoved up the arms of his hoodie then shrugged out of the hoodie altogether, revealing his tanned, toned upper body. From across the street, someone whistled at him. Toff didn’t seem to notice, his attention focused on reading her contest entry.

Amy’s mouth went dry as her gaze skimmed over him. This scenario was…not okay, but what could she say, Please cover up so my virgin eyes don’t bleed?

“I’ll be back in a minute.” Amy jumped up and grabbed her empty glass. She needed a mocha refill. Better yet, she’d crawl into the ice machine and cool herself off.

She didn’t know what was making her hotter—seeing Toff half-naked or the fact that he was, at this very moment, reading her treatise on true love.

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