Hypable attended The Bite Convention earlier this month and will be bringing you a recap of the Teen Wolf convention for each of the three days. Here’s day three!

About BiteCon

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BiteCon was a fan-run convention exclusively for Teen Wolf that started as a distant dream, but quickly became a reality. Inviting cast and crew members from the show, the staff behind BiteCon pulled together the convention in record time and created a memorable event not only for the fans, but for many of the people behind Teen Wolf as well.

Hypable and Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast were there each of the three days in order to moderate the panels, and even host a few of our own. We’ll be giving detailed reports on each of the three days the convention was operating so you won’t miss any of the important information that came out of the con. And when we’re all done, we’ll have some giveaways as well!

Day 3 – Emotional Goodbyes

The cast and crew of Teen Wolf have been to conventions before, but many of those conventions do not focus strictly on that single show. BiteCon was the first exclusive Teen Wolf convention to be planned for the United States, and the first one to be carried out by fans of the show.

On day three, Haley Webb (Jennifer Blake) and Felisha Terrell (Kali) talked about their thoughts on Jennifer and Kali’s past relationship, Keahu Kahuanui (Danny) and Tyler Posey (Scott) talk about their characters’ relationships, and Max (Aiden) and Charlie Carver (Ethan) share stories from their childhood.

Badass Ladies

BiteCon Haley Webb felisha Terrell

Though Webb and Terrell played enemies on screen, the two are real life friends! One of the first questions they got was if they’d like to come back on the show, despite the fact that their characters are dead. “If we did come back it would be really cool to see us in our former relationship. When we had something good,” Webb said. Added Terrell, “Well, like, we both talked about how we felt that, in the finale, we just didn’t get enough of our history of our back story. We got bits and pieces, but not enough to really flesh out the relationship that [Kali and Jennifer] had. ‘Cause they were very, very close and you didn’t really see that.”

Terrell later elaborated on Kali and Jennifer’s relationship by saying, “They were very close. I mean, Jennifer/Julia was Kali’s emissary to her pack before she became an alpha. So they were really, really close. She didn’t want to kill her, right? But the evil man made her. So we did discuss that. I mean, as far as the amount of years they were together, close, I don’t think we got into those details, but to me, and my choice, knowing that when the option of wanting to be an alpha of a pack and to kill someone that I loved and cared about so much, that’s why I walked away. ‘Cause I knew she wasn’t dead. You know? And we can make a joke about putting her out of her misery, but I truly didn’t want to have to do that. So to me she was the closest person to me ever.”

When asked if Kali and Jennifer had ever had a romantic relationship, Webb said, “Even if it didn’t happen there was always the possibility. I think it was definitely an ‘in love’ kind of thing. Because you can get betrayed by people, but if you get betrayed by someone you’re in love with […] that would cut too deep.”

On a happier note, Webb also talked about her friendship with Tyler Hoechlin (Derek), saying, “Hoechlin is a great dude, ’cause I have that whole huge monologue [in the elevator scene], and he was there off camera with me. Like, usually… I mean, I told him it was going to take a long time, so feel free to, like, you know, go do what you want. I’ll talk to a dot. And he was just like, ‘No, not at all.’ And so he stayed with me the whole time and was just nodding and giving me encouragement. It was a really cool moment.”

It’s Armani

BiteCon Keahu Kahuanui Tyler Posey

Kahuanui and Posey’s shared panel was positive and upbeat, and it was obvious the two actors were having a lot of fun. Right from the top, Posey couldn’t stop saying good things about the newcomers to the show. “I love the new actors. Dylan Sprayberry [Liam] is so talented. So, he’s already a pleasure to work with, but he’s such a cool dude, he’s so humble, he reminds me a lot of me and Dylan O’Brien [Stiles]. And he’s so willing to learn.”

“He fits right in and he’s so much fun to be around,” Posey continued. “I think you’re going to love him on the show. He’s really good. And everyone else is great, too. They’re all really good friends with each other. It’s like they have this little clique. So it’s just like me and Dylan staring at them.”

Kahuanui also spoke about Danny’s relationships with a few of the characters, saying that he was probably the one that told Jackson Allison had died. Regarding Stiles, Kahuanui had this to say when asked why it seemed like Danny never really liked the other boy: “I actually think it’s one of those opposite kind of things? Where, you know, like, when you’re a little kid, you push the girl and you really like her? And she falls over, and you’re like, ‘Te he he he!’ And she thinks you hate her, but you actually… Danny has a secret crush [on Stiles], but he has to be mean.”

Moving on, Posey talked about Scott’s relationship with his dad, Agent McCall, who will be sticking around in season 4. “I think [Scott] wants his dad to try,” Posey said. “It’s been a long time since he’s been in the picture and he understands that he and his mom probably didn’t get along. But he’s never really tried to make an effort at all. And he’s noticed that and now all of a sudden he’s in the picture and he just kind of wants to weasel in, and just kind of go under the radar and just kind of fall into the family that way. But Scott doesn’t want that. So he definitely wants some respect. He wants his dad to try. Because I think Scott’s gotten over the fact that he’s grown up his entire life without him. So I think he’s done judging that. But he does want his dad to try, which would be new in Scott’s world. So yeah, I do think he’d be receptive to [his dad reintegrating himself in Scott’s life]. But we’ll see.”

Jump to page 2 to find out more about Kali and Jennifer’s relationship and some of the things the Carver twins did to each other when they were younger.

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