Episode 3 had so many great quotes we had trouble picking just five. So here are the top 10 quotes from that episode.

“What sort of case?”

“Too big and dangerous for any sane individual to get involved in.”
“You trying to put me off?”

“God, no. I’m trying to recruit you.”


“No, I have a better question– is everyone I have ever met a psychopath?”



“You were a doctor who went to war. You’re a man who couldn’t stay in the suburbs for more than a month without storming a crack den, beating up a junkie. Your best friend is a sociopath who solves crimes as an alternative to getting high. That’s me by the way, hello. Even the landlady used to run a drug cartel.”
“It was my husband’s cartel, I was just typing.”

“And exotic dancing.”
“Sherlock Holmes, if you’ve been Youtubing…”


“A dragon slayer. Is that what you think of me?”
“No. It’s what you think of yourself.”


“I couldn’t bear to argue with her. But then, I am a moron, and she’s so very beautiful.”


“Also… Your loss would break my heart.”

“What the hell am I supposed to say to that?”


“John, you are addicted to a certain lifestyle. You’re abnormally attracted to dangerous situations and people. So is it truly such a surprise that the woman you’ve fallen in love with conforms to that pattern?”
“But she wasn’t supposed to be like that. Why is she like that?”

“Because you chose her.”


“I don’t understand.”
“You should have that on a t-shirt.”
“I still don’t understand.”
“And there’s the back of the t-shirt.”


“Oh, do your research. I’m not a hero; I’m a high-functioning sociopath. Merry Christmas.”


“Did you miss me?”

What are your favorite ‘Sherlock’ quotes?

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