The Avengers DVD/Blu-ray hits store shelves Tuesday and along with a copy of the movie, fans will be able to claim their own poster from the movie for free.

As if we needed another reason to purchase The Avengers on DVD/Blu-ray Tuesday, Slash Film has reported that each copy will include a unique code that will be redeemable at the official Disney website. The first poster below will be available to all who purchase any variant of The Avengers, but the other three posters designed by Matthew Ferguson (who also designed the images that were going to be included in the delayed Phase One collector’s edition), will be available for $19.99, plus shipping and handling. These posters are reportedly 18×24 inches and you will receive all three of the extra posters for that price.

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Will you be picking up ‘The Avengers’ DVD/Blu-ray tomorrow?

In case you missed our coverage a week back, if you were one of the many Avengers fans who pre-ordered the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Avengers Assembled Collection that is no longer available for purchase, Amazon is now offering a free copy of The Avengers DVD/Blu-ray for those of you who stuck it out and kept your pre-order for the collector’s edition.

We assumed Amazon and many of the other online retailers would end up contacting customers who had already pre-ordered the delayed collector’s edition and so far Amazon is the only company to release an official statement in attempt to please their customers. Marvel has released a statement that the collector’s edition will be released in spring 2013.

Which Avengers DVD/Blu-ray poster is your favorite?

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