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Super Smash ‘Avengers’: The Avengers’ coolest moments

We all know Hulk can smash, but what about the rest of the team? Take a look at the Avengers’ most smashing moments.

As we approach the end of Marvel Phase Two, we’ve seen many smashing moments from the Avengers team. There’s been some epic explosions and awesome KOs, but only a few are worthy of the Hulk smash title (including Hulk’s own). Each Avenger has had a moment to shine, so check out all the Hulk, Iron, and Thunder smashes below!

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Bruce Banner – ‘The Avengers’

Let’s start off epically with a moment you should’ve known would be on this list. There is not a more iconic moment from the Marvel Universe than the Hulk throwing the puny god around like a rag doll. Loki clearly had no idea who he was dealing with. The Hulk has no time for his ego induced speeches. There’s a city to avenge, after all.

Clint Barton – ‘The Avengers’

Continuing on, this smash is also at Loki’s expense. When Clint shot an arrow at Loki and he caught it with barely a glance, that was so cool right? We all ‘ooohed’ and ‘ahhhed’ at Loki. Even cooler than that though was the moment immediately after. Clint knew Loki would catch it, so he fired a volatile arrow that exploded in Loki’s hand. Avengers-2, Loki-0.

Natasha Romanoff – ‘The Avengers’

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Although Natasha has had many incredible fight sequences with amazing tricks and techniques, her standout moment was when she punched her ally and friend in the face. The extent of Nat and Clint’s relationship is still being revealed but we’ve been given enough context to know they’re close and have been through a lot together. Even though Clint was under Loki’s control and didn’t know what he was doing, it couldn’t have been easy for Nat to fight him. This moment might not have been big in spectacle, but it certainly was in context. At the same time though, that final smack in the face must’ve felt at least a little good, for all the times Clint’s teased her just a little too much.

Steve Rogers – ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’

Steve’s acrobatics are incredible and he never fails to impress us. Each film reveals more of his fighting style and all that he’s capable of. The Winter Solider in particular was a great showcase for Steve’s talent, from fighting a horde of men in an enclosed space, to busting through doors and walls because who has time for door handles? His most impressive moment though, was when he took down a huge Helicarrier with just his shield. Seriously, who does that?

Thor – ‘Thor’

Thor is always showing off his Mjolnir. Whether he’s blasting through monsters or smashing them to pieces, he never misses an opportunity to demonstrate what he can do with his hammer. But his memorable moment didn’t have to do with monsters, or aliens. In fact, it was a rather selfless act that had nothing to do with glory. Thor destroyed the Bifröst in an effort to stop Loki’s plan. In doing so, he stranded himself on Asgard. Metaphorically the act was strong, but it was also physically powerful, creating a glorious rainbow explosion.

Tony Stark – ‘Iron Man’

While Tony has certainly set fire to, exploded, and destroyed many things, his best smash moment has to be when he blasted himself into a wall in the first Iron Man film. Not only is it incredibly funny, but it marks his first attempt at making the Iron Man suit. It certainly set a precedent for many hazardous moments to come.

Honorable Mention: Phil Coulson – ‘The Avengers’

No best smash list is complete without mention of Coulson’s ‘final’ act in The Avengers. By now, crushing Loki is just tradition for the Avengers team. Loki fatally wounds Coulson and is about to finish him off, but Phil isn’t finished yet. In true Coulson fashion, he blasts Loki into a heap with the right amount of grandeur and wit.

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ blasts into North American theaters May 1

What’s your favorite smash moment from the Avengers?

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