The Amazing Race 27×10, “Bring the Fun, Baby!” just finished airing! Read our recap to find out which team got eliminated.

Road Block

Bring the Fun, Baby!

At the Road Block, the teams have to blow up balloons to fulfill an order for a wedding festival and then deliver them. Justin and Diana are the first ones to arrive, but Kelsey and Joey aren’t too far behind them. They agree to work together and U-Turn Chris and Logan, who are in third place. Justin finds that riding the bike through the city is the most stressful part of the challenge.

Chris and Logan have a hard time keeping their cool, and it only gets worse once the other teams catch up. Tiffany and Krista have an easy time filling the balloons, but an accident on the bike sends the balloons flying everywhere. Luckily, they are given the next clue anyway. Denise and James Earl struggle and leave the Road Block last.


Bring the Fun, Baby!

Justin and Diana arrive at the U-Turn first and follow their promise to put up Chris and Logan. Then they must choose between “Bring the Groom” or “Bring the Fun.” In “Bring the Groom,” the teams have to join a traditional Indian wedding procession to deliver the groom to his bride. In “Bring the Fun,” the teams have to deliver a homemade carnival swing and give eight kids a ride.

Justin and Diana decide to take their chances with the carnival ride while Kelsey and Joey join the wedding procession. Justin and Diana have lots of fun with the kids and finish first. Kelsey and Joey find the wedding procession to be physically exhausting but just as fun.

Logan and Chris have to do both Detours and decide to start with the carnivals, but their continued fights seem to hinder them. Both Tiffany and Krista and Denise and James Earl decide to try the wedding procession. Logan and Chris end up catching up with the other teams and it’s a close race to the finish.

Pit Stop

Justin and Diana come in first place, again, and also win $5k each.

2nd place: Kelsey and Joey
3rd place: Tiffany and Krista
4th place: Logan and Chris

Denise and James Earl come in last place and are eliminated from the race.

Who do you think will be eliminated next from ‘The Amazing Race’?

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