The Amazing Race 27×09, “It’s Always The Quiet Ones,” just finished airing! Read our recap to find out which team got eliminated.

The teams head out from Poland and fly to New Delhi, India. Once there, they must go to the train station and travel to Agra. All the teams arrive at the train station and learn that they have to spend the night.

Logan and Chris try to make a deal with Justin and Diana to U-Turn Josh and Tanner, but when Justin and Diana are hesitant, Logan and Chris decide to tell them that Krista and Tiffany tried to use the U-Turn on them the last time. Of course, this ended up just causing drama and no one made any real deals.

Road Block

It's Always The Quiet Ones

The teams arrive at the Road Block at the Yamuna River where they must wash and dry a load of laundry on the riverbank. For their speed bump, Josh and Tanner must both complete the Road Block.

But the Road Block isn’t as easy as it first appears, they have to follow very specific directions and have large loads to complete. And of course, the heat in India doesn’t make it any easier. Tanner is able to get the other teams to agree not to use the U-Turn on them, but it seems halfhearted.

Joey and Kelsey are the first to leave, closely followed by Chris and Logan, and Justin and Diana. Tanner finishes next, but they still have to wait for Josh to complete the Road Block as well. Tiffany and Krista, as well as Denise and James Earl, finish while Josh is still working.


It's Always The Quiet Ones

In “Cans,” the teams must load up a cargo rickshaw with 120 cans and deliver them to the New Taj Oil Company. In “Candy,” the teams must make and deliver Petha, a traditional Indian pumpkin candy.

Justin and Diana arrive to the Detour first and decide to go for the cans, but are quick to realize how hard the delivery will be with all the traffic. As they’re stacking the cans, Joey and Kelsey arrive.

Logan and Chris go make candy but can’t agree on how to go about it. Tiffany and Krista arrive next and worry how long it will take to complete. Denise and James Earl, and Josh and Tanner, also decide to try making candy.

Justin and Diana finish the Detour first and even though their driver isn’t sure where to go, they arrive there first but don’t use it. Joey and Kelsey arrive at the U-Turn next and decide to put up Josh and Tanner.

Denise and James Earl, Tiffany and Krista, and Josh and Tanner all finish the candy right after one another. Josh and Tanner are not happy to see that Joey and Kelsey used the U-Turn even though they said they wouldn’t.

Pit Stop

Justin and Diana are the first to arrive at the Pit Stop at Moonlight Garden and they also win a trip to Honolulu.

Second place: Joey and Kelsey
Third place: Logan and Chris
Fourth place: Tiffany and Krista
Fifth place: Denise and James Earl

Josh and Tanner come in last place and are eliminated from the race.

Who do you think will be eliminated next from ‘The Amazing Race’?

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