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‘The 100’ season 6 adds ‘Teen Wolf’s’ J.R. Bourne as peaceful leader Russell

The 100 season 6 has added Teen Wolf alum J.R. Bourne as a peaceful alien leader who will form a complicated relationship with Clarke.

Just over a month after filming began on The 100 season 6, the first new actor joining the fray on the brand new, yet-to-be-named planet has been revealed.

EW reports that none other than J.R. Bourne, aka werewolf hunter Chris Argent on Teen Wolf, will play recurring character ‘Russell’ in The CW drama’s sixth season.

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Russell is described as “a charismatic leader” (shocker), “a visionary” (surrounded by people who can’t see?) and a “pioneer” (hmmmm), who will “face the difficult moral choices emblematic of the hard-hitting show.”

He is the first officially announced* new character of The 100 season 6, and unlikely to be the last, considering that our heroes are arriving on a brand new, evidently occupied planet that Monty led the survivors of Earth to in The 100 season 5 finale.

We don’t know much about Russell’s branch of humanity, other than that they (or at least some of them) arrived on the planet several hundred years earlier as part of the lost Eligius III mission.

(And yes, Bill Cadogan conspiracy theories are of course already running wild — after all, why would he be a ‘pioneer’ if he’s a 10-ish generation New Planetian? — but I continue to refuse to believe it until I see it.)

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The society over which Russell rules is described as “peaceful,” which would appear to confirm what we suspected about this brand new world: that, for once, our heroes won’t find themselves caught in cycles of violence outside of their own control. Instead, they’ll be the ones threatening a pre-existing peace.

It seems that the decision of whether to perpetuate or end their own violent cycle, a challenge that Monty issued Bellamy and Clarke in the season 5 finale, will reside solely with them, and that Russell’s peaceful world will be in danger of getting caught in the crossfire. And it would seem that Russell is, by all appearances, a true ‘good guy.’

Or this planet houses a secret underground dungeon of terror a la Mount Weather, and Allison’s dad Russell is in fact more dark and dangerous than he initially appears to be.

Also of note is that Russell will cross paths with Eliza Taylor’s Clarke, and that they will develop a “complicated relationship.”

It is tried and tested tradition that lead character Clarke is the narrative bridge between the new faction and the ones we know, so this is not exactly unexpected.

Clarke’s relationships with every single leader she’s previously encountered have certainly also been complicated, in very different ways, so we’ll have to wait and see what type of relationship Clarke and Russell will have.

Will she be the one who forces him to reconsider his peaceful way of life? Will she perhaps act in ways that provoke him? Or will they become allies? Friends? Time will tell.

The 48-year-old Canadian actor is not a stranger to The CW, having previously starred on the short-lived The Secret Circle and guest starring on Arrow. You might also recognize Bourne from shows like Fringe, Revenge and Falling Water.

‘The 100’ season 6 is expected to premiere in the first half of 2019

*IMDb previously listed Olivia DiNino as appearing in The 100 season 6 as ‘Karma Daniels,’ but that information has since been removed.

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