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Richard Harmon teases Murphy’s journey in ‘The 100’ season 3 (exclusive)

While we wait for The 100 to return, let’s see what Richard Harmon can tease about Murphy’s season 3 journey.

It is no secret that we think John Murphy (Richard Harmon) is one of the best characters on The 100.

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So far we’ve seen him go from clear-cut villain to anti-hero to semi-actual-hero, and most recently Murphy was present for the horrific death of Lexa, making him Clarke’s only friend (?) in Polis.

This is sure to propel Murphy on an exciting trajectory for the rest of The 100 season 3, and we can’t wait to see what the show has in store for him.

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Richard Harmon was kind enough to share his thoughts on Murphy’s development on The 100 so far, and tease what’s ahead for his character in the second half of season 3. Enjoy!

(Note: This interview was conducted before the airing of The 100 season 3, episode 7, so we did not yet know about Murphy’s involvement with the Polis plot.)

The 100 season 3 episode 2 Murphy

How was the convention in Toulouse? Did you have fun interacting with the fans?

Richard Harmon: Toulouse was incredible! I haven’t been to France since I was six years old, was definitely nice to go back.

One of the most unexpected (and delightful!) developments in season 2 was pairing Murphy up with Jaha for the City of Light quest. But now the two of you are on diverging paths again. Are you excited for Murphy’s new journey, or is the split kind of bittersweet?

RH: The Murphy/Jaha story line was one of my favorite ones that I have had on the show so far. It was definitely a little out of left field when they told me they were pairing the two of us up but I think the results kind of spoke for themselves when it was all said and done. Knowing where Murphy is going now I’m very excited for everyone to see whats going to happen. On the other hand its difficult to let go of Isaiah after all the work we had done with each other and the friendship that the two of us had formed.

The 100 season 2 episode 10 Jaha Murphy

Will we see Murphy pair up with any unexpected new companions in season 3?

RH: Oh absolutely! There is one in particular that I’m very excited for everyone to see because my character and this character are two very polarizing figures on the show so I’m really anxious to see how the fans react to us being in the same scenes together and even working together.

Murphy had a very introspective line earlier in the season about pain, hate and envy being “the ABCs of me.” Yet we’ve seen him be different, especially around Emori. So far we’ve only seen glimmers of compassion, but it’s definitely there. Is that something we’re going to see develop more this year?

RH: I think you might see that side of him come back if the situation calls for it. He’s a human being, he has the capacity to feel and be anything at any given time. His compassionate side was just dormant for a long time, it was never dead though.

What do you think Murphy would be like in the City of Light, with the absence of all the emotions he thinks make up his core personality?

RH: I think he’d be just like everyone else who is there. Honestly I’d hate to see that happen to him because he is a very strong individual in his own way.

What would Murphy think about Jaha making the Arkadians drink his City of Light kool-aid? Does he have any compassion at all for the society that imprisoned him and sent him to die?

RH: I’m not sure if he has much compassion for them, like you said they really haven’t done much to him to warrant any kindness on his part but at the same time I think he knows just how dangerous ALIE getting what she wants is. I think he would try in his own way to stop it if he knew what was happening on that side of the world.

When you first joined the show, did you have any idea how popular your character would become with fans, or how much depth and potential he had?

RH: Heavens to Betsy no! When I joined on I figured I would be there for two to three episodes. After I got more I knew that I was essentially there for the fans to hate me but over time the craziest thing happened, you all seemed to fall for him the same way I did. It’s been one of the greatest pleasures of my career to see Murphy grow and watch the fans opinions of him grow and shift as well. He’s a character I’m very proud of.

What do you think it is about Murphy that fans are responding to?

RH: He’s another member of the audience. Most of the time he is saying things that the fans are thinking. He’s just running his own line of commentary on the scenes he’s participating in.

Richard Harmon 2

What character(s) that Murphy hasn’t yet interacted much with would you like to see him cross paths with? Anything you can tease about upcoming interactions?

RH: I’m not allowed to say too much about where he is going but I do have some characters I’d love to see him interact with. Pike for one I think is one of the strongest characters on the show and I would love to see them hash it out. Personally I’m always rooting for more Bellamy and Murphy scenes though.

Is there any particular episode or scene in season 3 you’re particularly excited for fans to see? Was there any moment when reading the scripts that struck out to you as being really cool or unexpected?

RH: My favorite this season was getting to do the opening montage for the premiere. As far as something the fans haven’t seen yet, I think there is just too much to choose from, its kind of non-stop from here on out.

What can you share about Murphy and Clarke’s upcoming journey, and whether Murphy feels/is beginning to feel a sense of loyalty towards her after what he’s been through, and has now witnessed her go through.

RH: I love the combination of those two characters, it’s another one of those odd pairings that just works. I don’t think Murphy feels much loyalty to her, its more that he is willing to do what it takes to survive and if siding with Clarke is going to help then thats what he’s going to do.

Do you think Murphy would side with Pike or Kane in the Arkadia civil war?

RH: Morally he would side with Kane. However I think Murphy would choose whatever side he thinks would win and keep him safe and that very well might be Pike.

‘The 100’ returns Thursday, March 31 at 9/8c on The CW

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