12:39 pm EST, December 20, 2016

‘The 100’ is finally coming to Funko POP! Here are the 6 characters announced

The 100‘s iconic characters are finally going to be immortalized in Funko fashion! See which characters made the first cut.

Funko POPs are all the rage in fandom communities, mainly because they’re so stinking cute, but also because it’s such a great way to show your love for certain fandoms and characters.

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Few fandoms have as strong of an attachment to particular characters as The 100, which is why it has been puzzling that, until now, there have been no official Funkos to play with (although fans have satisfied themselves by making their own).

But the wait is over — at least if you happen to be holding out for one of the six POPs that have been announced as part of the first batch.

Earlier this month, FunkoPopNews reported that the six chosen characters are:

  • Bellamy Blake
  • Clarke Griffin
  • Lexa
  • Lincoln
  • Octavia Blake
  • Raven Reyes

Personally, I want all of them — but realistically, Clarke is probably the one I’ll pick up first, considering she’s my favorite character (and I currently own a total of two Funkos, so the collection isn’t exactly flourishing).

The Lexa Funko POP is likely going to be in high demand as well — and let’s hope the other chosen four will find their way into many Christmas stockings this holiday season, too! After all, supply and demand dictates that the more interest we show in these, the more likely it is that we’ll one day see the many characters left off this list recreated in all their Funko glory!

We can hope, for example, that the second batch includes the remaining main characters Abby, Kane, Murphy, Monty, Jasper and Jaha, as well as fan favorites Anya, Miller and Harper!

There is no release date yet for the six The 100 Funko POPs.

Thanks to Meg on Twitter for spreading this joyous news.

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