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The unsung heroes of ‘Deathly Hallows’: 5 minor characters who helped defeat Voldemort

On the Deathly Hallows 10th anniversary, it’s finally time we finally say thank you to some of these Harry Potter characters.

There are a lot of characters who help take Voldemort down. Even though Harry is our hero, it’s not a singular effort. Many minor characters step up in Deathly Hallows to contribute to Voldemort’s ultimate demise. We see members of the Order of the Phoenix, the Hogwarts Professors, and students from the DA step up to help. Even Narcissa Malfoy gets her moment to defy the Dark Lord.

As great as those contributions were, this article isn’t about them. This is for a few of the characters that never got their dues. They helped the cause in quieter ways, ways that aren’t always recognized even by the fandom all these years later. On the Deathly Hallows 10th anniversary, here are my thanks to…

Andromeda Tonks

Andromeda Tonks lost her whole family to Voldemort. Her sisters were seduced by the darkness and became Death Eaters. Her husband was forced on the run and was later murdered. She even lost her daughter and son-in-law during the Battle of Hogwarts.

Still, she welcomed Harry into her home when he left the Dursley’s. She had already lost her sisters when he arrived and yet her eyes were still wide and kind. She showed great strength in the face of those losses, helping Harry on his journey to defeat Voldemort.

Andromeda sacrificed even more during the Battle of Hogwarts. She didn’t fight. Instead, she stayed home to care for her grandson so his parents could use their skills in the battle. It can’t have been easy to put aside her Slytherin nature and let others do fighting. She knew where she was needed most and sacrificed her ambition to do what was needed most in that moment.

Thank you for your strength and sacrifice, Andromeda.

Mary Cattermole

mary cattermole

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Perhaps more than anyone else on this list, Mary Cattermole’s life was upended by Voldemort’s reign. In Deathly Hallows, she was introduced at the ministry, where she had been summoned to prove she was a real witch. She was, of course, even though her parents were greengrocers. With the help of Harry, she managed to escape the ministry.

Mary cowered in fear during her interrogation, but she didn’t lose sight of who she was. She didn’t lie to Umbridge. She owned her identity. Not even the threat of Voldemort persuaded her to give up her identity as a witch. This showed great confidence in her magic. Blood status doesn’t make a witch.

As another contribution, Mary trusted when she needed to. Mary trusted Harry, even though he looks like the man who turned her in to the ministry for questioning. She was willing to put her faith in other people, which proved she still believed there was goodness in the world. Mary trusted Harry enough to follow his orders in order to escape, leaving one less Muggle-born to die at Voldemort’s hands. Every life is a win.

Thank you for your confidence and trust, Mary.

Lee Jordan

harry potter lee jordan

Lee Jordan is best known for his Quidditch commentating. In Deathly Hallows he took on a new role as host of the radio show Potterwatch. Lee started the show with Fred Weasley. It gave a lot to wizards while Voldemort was in power.

Potterwatch gave information on fugitives and news of deaths. It likely saved many lives with the warnings and information it provided. Lee’s radio personality on the show also brought a touch of lightness to an otherwise dark time. Lee was a part of all of that Potterwatch provided to the trio and wizards all over Britain.

Lee also showed up to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts, where he showed his bravery. He ended up taking down Yaxley, a trusted and powerful servant of Voldemort’s. Yaxley was “slammed to the floor” by the combined efforts of Lee and George Weasley — a mighty feat for two young wizards.

Thank you for your radio talents and Gryffindor bravery, Lee.

Poppy Pomfrey

madam pomfrey

Poppy Pomfrey was the Hospital Wing Matron at Hogwarts. In the year leading up to the Battle of Hogwarts, she had a lot of healing to do. Neville Longbottom, among others, incured many injuries at the hands of the Carrows during that year. I’m sure Madam Pomfrey did all she could to heal the students the Carrows tormented. In healing the students of Hogwarts, she did her share of standing up to Voldemort.

Madam Pomfrey did her part to help defeat Voldemort during the Battle of Hogwarts. She was involved in a little preventative medicine that time, evacuating the students before the battle. Later, she did what she knew best and treated the injured. Her efforts disrupted Voldemort’s plans for chaos.

Poppy Pomfrey’s sole focus has always been the health of her patients. She always had a no-nonsense mindset and little tolerance for chaos, which is what makes her presence at the Battle of Hogwarts so meaningful. In the midst of all this fear and chaos, she remains focused.

Thank you for your healing and focus during chaos, Poppy.

Dean Thomas

dean thomas

Dean was on the run for much of Deathly Hallows. He met up with Ted Tonks and together they evaded the snatchers and Death Eaters for a time. Eventually, they were caught. Ted died and Dean was taken to Malfoy Manner where the Death Eaters held him prisoner.

Both with Ted and at the Malfoy Manner, Dean proved himself as a loyal support system for those around him. In a time when it was hard to trust people, Dean stepped up as a friend to Ted, Luna, Ollivander, and others. That kind of support and friendship was exactly what took down Voldemort in the end.

Dean was also one of the few people at Dobby’s funeral. Dean did not know Dobby well. Dobby saved Dean’s live because Dobby was so loyal to Harry. Because Dean was a loyal friend, he was able to recognize that in Dobby. He gave his hat for Dobby to be buried in. Acknowledging the worth of an elf did even more to defeat the wizards-first elitism of Voldemort.

Thank you for your friendship and support, Dean.

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