5 epic television theme songs slowed down

10:15 am EDT, August 6, 2013

We’ve come to realize that sometimes a theme song just sounds more epic when it’s slowed down, so we’ve taken five of our favorite themes and did just that! Listen to the results.

We were on a mission after discovering a slowed down Justin Bieber song on YouTube. We thought, “If Bieber sounds this great slow, then what do our fandom songs sound like?!”

Paired with a Mac and Garageband, we discovered that several of our favorite theme songs were almost better when we slowed them down! Take a listen to our discoveries in fandom.


We love the feel of the slow Sherlock theme! It’s quirky but a bit more mysterious, and the ending gives us chills all over. The fact that this theme uses a great combination of instruments help them stand out a lot more vividly when slowed, and we’re glad we got a chance to hear it.

Sherlock series 3 premieres this fall in the U.K.

‘Teen Wolf’

Oh man, do we love us some Teen Wolf! The show’s opening credit songs sounds a lot more epic when slowed, and definitely fits the third season’s dangerous plots a lot better. It’s a shame that it’s so short, we’d love an extended one performed entirely by orchestra!

Teen Wolf season 3 is currently on air.

‘Game of Thrones’

Slowed down, this title song really encompasses the drama that Game of Thrones has been known to have, and the tone makes this theme so much better.

Game of Thrones season 4 premieres in the middle of 2014.

‘Doctor Who’

Take Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor theme ‘I Am the Doctor’ and slow it down and you have an epic song that emphasizes the orchestra and really brings you to the forefront of the amazing sounds. Like the other themes, this one really shows you how epic and dangerous the show can be while still maintaining the lighthearted and whimsical feel of the 11th Doctor.

Doctor Who returns later this year.

‘Downton Abbey’

Hands down the best theme song to slow, Downton Abbey‘s theme song ‘The Suite’ is the most beautiful track we’ve edited and we can’t stop listening to it! The slow tones make us miss the show, which comes back this fall, but that’s still too far for us! At a lengthy twelve minutes long, we assure you that this is well worth your time!

Downton Abbey series 4 premieres later this year.

What was your favorite slowed theme?

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