Stiles Stilinski, perhaps the most loved character on Teen Wolf – who just may happen to be bisexual. An unusual set of elements that offers a rare opportunity.

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Jeff Davis has made it a point to highlight that within the Teen Wolf world homophobia is virtually nonexistent and sexual orientation is irrelevant. He’s spoken on the topic more than once and has shared his belief of creating worlds we would one day like to see.

So before we begin this discussion, we have to remember that standards of our culture don’t apply to the characters on Teen Wolf. Within the show people aren’t presumed straight until proven otherwise. The program acts as an example for our world by showing just how much of a non-issue sexual orientation should be.

It’s a fantastic and brilliant way to deal with prejudice on a larger scale – one we commend Davis for and encourage others to support.

Bisexual Stiles


Since season 1 we’ve had a wide range of reasons for thinking that Stiles Stilinski may in fact be bisexual.

  • Stiles mentions having been in love with Lydia Martin since the third grade.
  • “Am I attractive to gay guys?!” Is asked on more than one occasion.
  • Flailing when an unconscious Lydia falls into his lap.
  • “No seriously. Do you wanna just try makin’ out for a sec? Just to see how it feels?” Randomly asking to make out with his best friend.
  • ‘Casual’ nods to both male and female peers in episode 1×03.
  • Trying to keep his eye’s on Erica’s face to avoid sexually objectifying her.
  • Being jealous of Scott getting hit on in a gay bar.
  • “I could be gay!” “Not in that outfit.” Defending his gay potential to his father.
  • Kissing Heather and agreeing to be each others firsts.
  • Danny jokingly making a pass, and Stiles thanking him for the offer and asking him if he was serious.

Now, some of these examples you can brush off if you so desire. You can take them as jokes or just an overt craving to be liked. Several are ambiguous enough for viewers to come to their own conclusions.

But Jeff himself has admitted to hinting at this bisexual orientation. And considering that he has purposefully designed a world where we’re asked to judge people with no underlying assumptions; it’s completely logical to gather that Stiles is indeed bisexual.

Where We Go From Here

Where from here

The key for any progressive storytelling is to give people reasons to care about a character apart from their sexual orientation. And because so many people love Stiles apart from whom he’s attracted to; there’s a strong desire to act on this rare opportunity.

Now, let’s be clear. In a world where sexual preference doesn’t matter, there’s no need for Stiles to have a big coming out moment. But unfortunately, the demographic that watches this show doesn’t live in that world.

We as an audience are tied to a much more rigid social structure. So while it’s nice to see someone not having to reveal themselves as being bisexual, it doesn’t do the audience much good if they never have definitive proof they’re being represented.

Which is why having a character act on his spectrum of attractions without it being a big deal could send a powerful message to our own reality.

We don’t need to see sweeping gestures or wildly romantic settings. This is Stiles Stilinski we’re talking about. The whole point is to keep him in character. It would just be very rewarding to make the natural arc we’ve been witnessing for three seasons now come to fruition.

Closing Thoughts


Make no mistake – we are not looking to back Jeff Davis into a corner. No one wants to take his creative control away from him and ultimately all of us want Davis, Dylan O’Brien, and Stiles to be as independent and comfortable as possible.

Teen Wolf is about so much more than a specific character’s sexual orientation. That’s why we love it so much. Because these elements are secondary.

Jeff shouldn’t feel pressured to make Stiles ‘reveal’ himself, but he also shouldn’t be confined to a certain set of standards many networks like to uphold if the story presents itself. What we do want to stress though, is that if Jeff chooses to go in this direction, you can rest assured he will have a lot of enthusiastic support.

Take note MTV because your demographic is changing.

We want to hear your thoughts on this topic!
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