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‘Teen Wolf’ Takeover: Our top 10 scenes from the show

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Any fan will tell you that there are distinct moments in every fandom that stand out, and for each fan they are different. That being said, here are our 10 favorite scenes from Teen Wolf so far.

It’s Teen Wolf Takeover month on Hypable.com, and today we’re talking about our all-time favorite scenes! Read all of our TWT articles here and submit your own!

10. Coach and the ‘Independence Day’ speech

Teen Wolf Orny Adams Coach Independence Day Speech

This scene is epic, and not just because it contains one of the most iconic speeches in film history, but because it gives us an extra special glance into Coach’s mind.

His kooky demeanor brings joy to any scene, but this one had us grinning from ear to ear. The pure joy etched on his face as he delivers his yearly call to arms via the speech Bill Pullman gives his troop of pilots in Independence Day can turn any frown upside down.

Plus, we get a rare Stiles and Melissa McCall moment, as she asks just what Coach is up to, reminding us that Stiles’ mother may have passed, but he is never without a mom.

9. Stiles returns beaten to his house and talks to his dad

Teen Wolf Stiles Beat Up

As we continue our never-ending Stiles worship, this short moment between a father and son, a hug and a relieved embrace after a very scary and traumatic time, is one of the most touching father and son moments in popular culture.

The Sheriff’s willingness to hunt down and hurt the bastards that took his son is endearing and reminds us of just how precious these two characters are to one another.

They are literally everything.

8. Allison just wanted a condom

Teen Wolf Allison Condom

We thought it only fair that Allison get her due in addition to all the Stiles love we will be including in this list. While any scene involving Scott McCall at the Argent dinner table is a winner in our book, the moment following this particular one is undeniably awesome.

As Scott has just finished rifling through Kate Argent’s bags looking for a wolfsbane bullet to save Derek, he is then accosted by Kate at the front door. She accuses him of exactly the crime he is guilty for, and it is clear that he’s about to confess when Allison saves him with…a condom. There is nothing to shut up a room of authority figures faster than the mention of teen sex.

Also memorable is Scott’s face when he realizes what this means, and smiles.

7. The Derek and Stiles pool scene

Teen Wolf Derek Stiles Pool Scene

Okay, so there may be a couple of Stiles and Derek scenes in this top 10 list, but what can we say? We really do love those two.

In the infamous pool scene, Stiles and Derek not only get to continue their increasingly witty repartee, but Stiles must also keep a paralyzed Derek from slipping underwater and drowning. The best part is when Stiles drops Derek in order to have a chance at contacting Scott for help, but when denied his lifeline, must pull Derek from the depths before he runs out of air.

It is beyond fitting that Derek, not as concerned about his life as he is getting out of their predicament, asks, “So, did it work?” Classic.

6. Scott and Danny at the school dance

Teen Wolf Scott Danny Dancing

Anyone that is a fan of Teen Wolf knows how Jeff Davis feels about how we as people should treat each other, no matter our differences. It is exactly this notion that is brought to life in this scene at the school dance.

Scott McCall knows exactly how to manipulate the situation to get what he wants, and he is not shy about it. As he folds his arms around Danny’s neck, we all know that no one is going to laugh, or point, or whisper, but as Coach’s face turns redder and redder, we know that although this environment is not judgmental, the history of the issue is not nonexistent.

It is small glimpses like this that remind us that as we go about our lives, we should treat everyone with gentleness and respect. Only then we can all make our world as amazing as Beacon Hills.

5. Isaac and Allison in the closet

Teen Wolf Allison Isaac Closet

No list could be complete without at least a mention of some of the great moments we have had so far in season 3.

Issac and Allison found themselves locked in a closet, and while the circumstances are not ideal for a claustrophobic and panicking Isaac Lahey, Allison does her best to soothe him. Her wholehearted attempts to help him through this attack are futile, however, and he begins to lose control. The chemistry between Allison and Isaac is palpable, even when the situation is dire.

Luckily for Allison (and Isaac for that matter), Scott comes to the rescue and commands him to stop. Isaac snaps out of it, and Allison is only moderately injured.

4. Derek wants Stiles to cut off his arm

Teen Wolf Derek Stiles Cut off Arm

It would be absolutely impossible to leave this moment off of any favorites list. Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin shine throughout the scene and make us believe that we may just see Derek, well, armless.

It certainly seems that throwing Derek and Stiles in an urgent scene and making Scott unavailable to help them is the recipe for success on Teen Wolf.

The thought of Stiles cutting off Derek’s arm is horrifying, but Scott’s reaction when he enters the room and sees what Stiles is about to do is by far the best moment. He just squares his shoulders and says, “What are you doing?”

3. Stiles, Danny, and ‘Miguel’

Teen Wolf Miguel Derek

All right, all right, we promise, this is the last one. Whether their intentions are romantic or platonic, we cannot get enough of these two. Derek and Stiles scenes have a magic all their own, which cannot be matched (unless Isaac is involved… then it gets close).

In this scene, not only do we get the sparkle of Stiles and Derek, but we get the added bonus of Danny, and a little gratuitous flesh.

As Stiles manipulates Derek into changing shirt after shirt after shirt to give Danny ample time to ogle the goods, we see just how much fun he is having making both boys squirm. I’m sure we all remember bursting out in hysterical laughter at this, as it remains our favorite moment from season 1.

2. Scott is going to kill himself, and Stiles makes us cry

Teen Wolf Season 3 Scott Motel California Gasoline

In perhaps one of the best (read: heart-wrenchingly sad) self-sacrificial moves in recorded history, Stiles grabs Scott’s arm in “Motel California” and refuses to let his friend kill himself.

It’s easy to grow accustomed to the closeness between Scott and Stiles, but magical moments like this come once in a very long while, and should be treasured in fandom for many years to come.

Not only was this a great moment between these two characters, it was a great moment for Allison and Lydia to witness. Stiles displayed his unwavering loyalty to Scott, and the world cried.

1. Stiles talking to the guidance counselor

Teen Wolf Stiles Guidance Counselor Small

While Ms. Morrell’s intentions seem a little spotty this season, back in season 2, when Stiles sat down in her office for a counseling session, we all wept.

This conversation contains one of the most heartfelt, honest moments the show has ever created, and we are beyond thankful that this moment belongs to Stiles.

As he reflects on the fragility of the life and the death of Matt, we are reminded just how incredibly important his character is and why we connect so deeply with him. Jeff Davis has loyal legions of fans, and moments like this are exactly why.

Which scenes from ‘Teen Wolf’ are your favorites?

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