Do you know your famous werewolves? What about the first time silver was used on screen to ward off the beast? Check out our infographic all about the history of werewolves in pop culture for these answers and more!

It’s Teen Wolf Takeover month on, and today we have a nifty infographic to show you the history of werewolves in pop culture. Read all of our TWT articles here and submit your own!

Werewolves have a long history of being on screen, and the below group is just a tiny gathering of some of the best known werewolves in pop culture, their quotes, fun facts, and neat graphics to represent each incarnation of this beast.

It begins with the iconic Wolf Man, which debuted in 1941 and set the standard for how we view werewolves on screen. Down the list we hit such well known werewolves like Lupin from Harry Potter and (of course) Derek from Teen Wolf. Rounding out the infographic, we get a couple of neat twists on the werewolf lore from the likes of Ruby from Once Upon a Time and Monroe from Grimm.

While each werewolf is technically just a different version of the same creature, we have a wide range of people here — good guys to bad guys, born werewolves to bitten, those that began it all and those that are what we think of when we picture werewolves today.

Check out our graphic and let us know which panel was your favorite and who might be missing. With such a myriad of characters in pop culture representing this creature of the night, there was no hope in gathering them all in one place.

A History of Werewolves in Pop Culture

If you loved this infographic, make sure you head over to Hypable’s exclusive Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast to listen to the hosts discuss a few of these werewolves in depth.

Who is your favorite werewolf to watch on screen?

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