Teen Wolf season 6B just premiered its first footage at the MTV Movie Awards, and it’s bringing the story full circle.

When Teen Wolf premiered its first season, the main antagonist — other than Scott McCall’s inability to control his powers — was the Argent family of hunters. Now that the series is entering into its final 10 episodes this summer, you can expect to see a reemergence of the hunter community, and perhaps we’ll be meeting some new characters.

The first footage premiered Sunday night on MTV. Watch it below:

In the video, it sounds like Scott, Malia, and Lydia aren’t entirely sure they can trust Chris Argent. This comes as a surprise considering Chris has been an ally to the pack since the end of season 1. He was never quite as extreme as his father, Gerard, who we hear in the beginning of the promo, but it did take him some time to come around.

What I’m interested in seeing is whether or not we’ll be meeting some other Argents, if we’ll be seeing the Calaveras again, or if we’ll be getting a new family to deal with. The hunter mythos has been a part of the show since the beginning, so it’s always exciting to learn more about them.

Unfortunately, the footage shows us a lot of clips from previous seasons, especially season 1, which means there isn’t a whole lot to dissect here. We also don’t get a premiere date, only a promise that the final 10 episodes are coming this summer. Hopefully there’ll be plenty of new footage to break down in the meantime.

Are you excited or dreading the final season of ‘Teen Wolf’?

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