5:33 pm EDT, April 11, 2016

Arden Cho will not return for ‘Teen Wolf’ season 6

Teen Wolf season 6 will be without Kira Yukimura, as Arden Cho reveals in a vlog that she will not return for the next season of MTV’s hit show.

Arden Cho offered a vague, rambling goodbye to her Teen Wolf fans as she informed them of her departure from the show, though without actually explaining why she won’t be returning. You can watch the video below.

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She spends the first minute or so of the vlog dancing around the subject before coming out and saying she’ll not be returning to the show for season 6, but extending her love to the character, the show, and the cast and crew. It’s clear this is difficult for her, and perhaps she doesn’t know what to say or how to break the news to her fans, or even how detailed she can get about her departure.

What is clear is that Kira will not be back for season 6. If the show extends beyond the next season, fans will always have hope she’ll return, but as Cho says Kira’s story is “wrapped up,” prospects don’t look great that we’ll be seeing her again.

The last time we saw Kira Yukimura, she had helped Scott’s pack defeat Theo by using her connection to the Skinwalkers. Theo was dragged down to Hell by his sister. Kira had promised she would return to the Skinwalkers following the defeat of The Beast, and she and Scott shared an optimistic goodbye. They left on good terms, but Kira had no idea when she would return.

This is truly disheartening to fans, who had to say goodbye to Allison just as they were getting to know Kira. The young kitsune had her own interesting storyline to work with, and her interactions with Scott never made her feel like Allison 2.0. That being said, it does feel a bit like history is repeating itself here.

It’s unfortunate we have to say goodbye to another great character, but here’s to hoping they’ll find a way to bring both Arden and Kira back to Teen Wolf one way or another. This is Beacon Hills, after all, and anything can happen.

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