At a convention today, stand up comedian and actor Orny Adams said he won’t be in Teen Wolf season 5.

Orny Adams appeared at the Burbank Teen Wolf convention Days of the Wolf, and one of his first announcements was that he won’t be appearing in season 5. Hypable staff writer Tariq Kyle is in attendance.

It’s not as though the creators of Teen Wolf didn’t want Adams back; his schedule just didn’t allow for him to return. He says that he had events in his schedule which couldn’t be cancelled, and he had to make a decision whether or not to commit to Teen Wolf. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to return.

Expanding on his answer, Adams also says a Netflix special is currently in the works, though not confirmed, and that he’d like to focus more on his comedy career, which includes doing some international shows. The comedian also says he would love to work on a show more focused on his character, so though we may not be getting Coach in season 5, perhaps we’ll still see Orny Adams coming to the small screen.

Coach Finstock has been a secondary character since Teen Wolf season 1, quickly and easily becoming a favorite among fans of the television show. Coach is both an actual coach for lacrosse and cross country, as well as the economics teacher at Beacon Hills High.

Though Coach doesn’t know about the supernatural events that flood Beacon Hills each day, he tends to stay on the periphery of the action, as Scott and his friends are in his class and are athletes on his teams.

Season 3 offered us a glimpse into his past as we saw him butt heads with Eichen House orderly Brunski, whom he seemed to have known from his own days in high school, while season 4 saw him effected by the Benefactor’s schemes and encouraging Scott to take Liam under his wing.

How bummed are you Coach won’t be returning for ‘Teen Wolf’ season 5?

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