5:45 pm EST, February 15, 2014

‘Teen Wolf’ season 4: Meagan Tandy to return as Braeden

Although her role was minor in Teen Wolf season 3, Braeden actress Meagan Tandy says we can expect more of the mysterious character in season 4.

In an interview with Mingle Media TV, Meagan Tandy talks about how her character was so well received, and as a consequence, how that influenced the creators to bring her back to Teen Wolf, much to the delight of the fan base.

Although Tandy couldn’t say much on camera at the time, she’s now at liberty to discuss the fact that she will indeed be back to playing Braeden on Teen Wolf in season 4. She has confirmed this via her official Twitter account:

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Tandy was only featured in a single episode during season 3A, though she has returned for another one since season 3B began. Although we don’t know the extent to which her character will be around in the rest of season 3, Tandy has confirmed that she’ll be in several episodes of Teen Wolf season 4.

Braeden first showed up in season 3, episode 1, “Tattoo,” when she saved Isaac from the Alpha Pack. She was taken to the hospital, though she eventually escaped and made it to Beacon Hills High, where gave Allison and Lydia a cryptic clue in the form of bruises on their arms. At the end of this episode, it was believed that Braeden died at the hands of Deucalion.

In season 3, episode 14, “More Bad Than Good,” Braeden made a surprise appearance in order to save Derek (and by consequence, Peter) from the South American hunters that had captured them. It was revealed that Deucalion had actually hired her to save the younger Hale.

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