10:00 am EDT, September 9, 2014

‘Teen Wolf’ season 4, episode 12: A GIF reaction

The fourth season finale of Teen Wolf aired last night and we have way too many feels to contain to our Twitter account! Check out our GIF reactions and let us know if you felt the same way.

Kira crawling around in the dark

Scott stabbing Kira

‘Okay great, do I get a gun?’

‘Where do we get carbonite?’

Kira saying she can’t learn to heal

Kira’s eyes glowing

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Derek not teaching Liam the mantra until he’s turning

Liam losing control. Because he’s a baby wolf

Stiles teaching Liam a new mantra

Derek getting attacked

Parrish and Argent showing up to save Braeden

Derek ‘dying’

Mason running towards the Berserker

Sheriff Stilinski blowing up the Berserker

Liam telling Scott ‘you’re a werewolf’

Peter going all ‘We’ll talk about this later’

A wolf coming out and attacking Kate

Derek being the actual wolf

Derek killing the Berserker with his bare hands

Scott kicking Peter’s ass

Stiles getting handcuffed to the desk by his dad as punishment

Kira getting her first tail

Coach being Coach

Lydia telling Parrish she wants to help figure out what he is

Peter getting locked in the cell with the guy with the third eye

Having to wait for season 5

However, we can rest easy because

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