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‘Teen Wolf’ season 3: (Spoiler) returns to the set!

Teen Wolf season 3 enjoyed a great premiere, though there were some faces missing from the first episode. However, one actor that fans didn’t expect to return has been on set!

That person is none other than Gage Golightly, who plays Erica. Back in January, we reported that Golightly would not be returning to season 3. In February, we learned the actress had landed a lead role in the pilot of Company Town.

Many fans assumed that Golightly would not be returning to the show at all. This was confirmed by the reports in January from her team, who stated she wouldn’t appear in season 3. However, the official MTV Teen Wolf Twitter account Tweeted a photo of the actress on set (below).

Teen Wolf Season 3 Gage Golightly Erica

There has been little news about the status of Company Town, though IMDb states that it is still being filmed.

This does not necessarily mean that Company Town has been pulled or is doing poorly. In fact, we’re not even sure at which point this picture was taken. However, considering the crew is not filming at the moment, and the first 12 episodes of season 3 are already wrapped, it’s safe to say that we may see Erica popping up in the next episode, “Chaos Rising.”

We last saw Erica and Boyd being ambushed by the Alpha Pack in the season 2 finale, “Master Plan.” When season 3 premiered with “Tattoo,” both Erica and Boyd were missing. Derek, Peter, and Isaac had been trying to find them all summer, with no luck. They believed the Alpha Pack was holding them hostage.

At the end of “Tattoo,” we saw Boyd sitting in a room with a strange symbol painted on the floor. A woman’s hand reached for his, and they took comfort in each other while being held prisoner. However, we never saw the woman’s face, and fans were unsure if she was supposed to be Erica. Some speculated that perhaps, since Golightly was not supposed to be featured this season, the mysterious Cora would be the one with Boyd, and that this would be her introduction

While that’s definitely a possible theory, now that we know Golightly has been on set, it’s infinitely more plausible that Erica is indeed being held captive with Boyd. Unfortunately, this doesn’t promise anything in terms of the fate of Erica. Boyd’s character in season 3 is being pitched as a man scorned, so could this perhaps give us a clue as to what will happen to Golightly’s character?

How long do you think Gage Golightly will be featured in ‘Teen Wolf’ season 3?

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