Teen Wolf season 3, episode 13, “Anchors,” just finished airing. Read our recap and discuss the episode with fellow fans!

Teen Wolf season 3, episode 13, titled “Anchors,” begins with Stiles in bed having a nightmare, repeatedly mumbling “don’t let them in.” We’re thrown into his dream, which lands us in Beacon Hills High School. The Nemeton is featured right away, and comes alive as Stiles tries to touch it.

Every Stydia shipper’s heart then skips a beat as Stiles wakes up and we realize Lydia is beside him in bed. Stiles explains to her that he had a dream within a dream, and then pauses to ask why she’s there. He gets out of bed to shut his door, worried that “they” might get in. The only problem is that when he walks out, he comes upon the Nemeton once more.

Again, it was only a dream.

The next day at school, Stiles is talking to Scott, telling him about sleep paralysis and his nightmares. “You know what scares me the most?” Stiles asks. “I’m not even sure this is real.” And in that moment, Stiles wakes up screaming, finally in the real world.

Is this Teen Wolf, or Inception!?

The next morning we see Scott experiencing some difficulty with his powers right before he has a tense conversation with Isaac about his feelings for Allison, which gets Isaac thrown against the wall.

Their relationship is…complicated.

Allison finds herself in a hallucination where she’s made her way to the morgue. When she looks inside a cold chamber bearing her aunt’s name, Kate makes her way up the chamber, and we’re certain we’re going to have nightmares for a month.

Scott, Stiles, and Allison continue to struggle through their day while Lydia, for her part, takes great pleasure in the fact that she’s not the crazy one anymore.

We also get our first glimpse of Kira as she gets an embarrassing introduction by her father, the new history teacher at Beacon Hills.

Teen Wolf Anchors Kira

Scott begins to transform in the middle of the hallway, and Stiles must rush him off to an empty classroom. Scott finds a way to stop the change, and Stiles realizes that not all of this is in their heads — it actually is happening to them.

Sheriff Stilinski, meanwhile, is working through some old files now that he’s a bit more enlightened to some of the circumstances that probably took place during those times.

Eight years ago, Papa Stilinski had to tell a man that his wife and two daughters were killed in a car crash. The youngest daughter, Malia, was seemingly dragged from the wreckage by coyotes and was never found. And since the accident happened on a full moon, the Sheriff thinks werewolves could have been involved.

As the group discusses what could be going on with them, Kira walks over and offers a possible explanation. It’s called Bardo, she says, which is a Tibetan word for an in between state, something that’s caught between life and death. There are several stages of Bardo, which include hallucinations and even being visited by deities. And the final stage of Bardo is death.

Of course it is.

Scott and Stiles head over to the one person they can usually trust to have some of the answers: Deaton. He explains that their subconscious is trying to communicate with them, and even translates the sign language Stiles saw when he was hallucinating. The meaning of the phrase is, “When is a door not a door?” And the answer, as Scott points out, is when it’s a jar (“ajar”).

So not only do Scott and Co. have to deal with their usual level of craziness, but they also have to deal with the fact that a door into their minds has now been opened. When exactly are they supposed to get their homework done?

Teen Wolf Anchors Stiles

As the boys are leaving Deaton’s, Papa Stilinski shows up to ask Scott for help in finding Malia’s body. So, as the sheriff interviews Malia’s father about the accident, Stiles and Scott sneak in upstairs to try to get a lock on the girl’s scent, but all Scott can smell is the family pet. The sheriff feels pretty bad about bringing up old memories for Mr. Tate, and that’s when the truth comes out: He’s doing all of this because Scott’s father is reviewing his ability to solve cases, and it might get him fired.

Scott is so angry that he nearly transforms in front of his dad, but his mom pulls him out of the room just in time. Scott has trouble stopping the transformation because Allison was his anchor, and he no longer has Allison. “Then be your own anchor,” she says.

Scott rushes over to Stiles’ house in the middle of the night, and the two of them plan to find Malia’s body on their own. Anyone else getting flashbacks to season 1?

Isaac and Allison are in bed together during a pretty steamy scene, though Allison is clearly still thinking about Scott and how he might feel about all of this. That’s when we realize this is all a dream, as Kate pops up out of nowhere and kills Isaac.

Stiles and Scott stumble upon the wreckage from eight years ago, and they quickly realize they’re not alone out in the woods. Scott chases after a coyote, and when he catches up to it, he realizes that it’s actually Malia. And her eyes are blue!

In the final scene, we see Derek and Peter tied up to a chain link fence, getting tortured. The only glimpse we see of their assailant is of a man’s hand holding a knife.

Our favorite ‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 13 ‘Anchors’ quotes

“Pain makes you human.” – Scott

“Stilinski, stop reminding me why I drink. Every night.” – Coach Finstock

“No, wait a sec, I know that look. That’s the ‘we know exactly what’s wrong with you and have no way to fix it’ look.” – Stiles

“Be your own anchor.” – Melissa McCall

“You and me, we’re going to go out and find a body. A dead body.” – Scott

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