We’re putting the puzzle pieces together, and it looks like some new information surfacing about Teen Wolf season 3 could revolve around a twist on the Alpha werewolves.

MTV just released another short promo clip for the new season of Teen Wolf in which Scott is being held back by someone and is screaming, partially transformed into a werewolf. Scott narrates, “You’re either going to kill them, or they kill you.” Interspersed is a shot of a red Alpha eye turning into a black one.

If you caught our roundup post yesterday, you’ll remember that Executive Producer Jeff Davis talked about an interesting picture of the twins being electrocuted. Why? “There’s a little secret to them that I can’t tell you about.” He also goes on to say the scene shows us, “a new kind of transformation for these werewolves.”

Furthermore, Tyler Posey talked to Hollywire, and said, “You learn in the season that there are two different types of Alphas, and that Scott has the potential to become one of them.”

The idea that there are different types of Alphas isn’t necessarily a new one. We’ve known for a while that different Alphas could transform into different versions of werewolves, though we never knew why. Laura, for instance, took on the form of a real wolf, while Peter took on a more menacing, more typical looking werewolf form. Derek, on the other hand, has yet to fully transform it seems, as we haven’t seen him take either of these shapes yet.

But the idea that there could be two completely different kinds of Alphas is intriguing. Is that what the black eyes represent in the various promos we’ve seen? Could that be an indication of this new kind of Alpha? Is that what the Alpha Pack twins are turning into in the picture of them being electrocuted?

There’s no way to tell just yet, but Teen Wolf season 3 is only 19 days away! It’ll return on Monday, June 3 at 10 PM EST on MTV.

What do you make of this idea that there are different kinds of Alphas in ‘Teen Wolf’ season 3?

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