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For the love of Scott McCall: Why ‘Teen Wolf’s’ hero is so unique

Teen Wolf hero Scott McCall is one-of-a-kind, and it’s not just because he has superpowers.

In an age of anti-heroes, Scott stands out because he’s unequivocally a good guy. We all love our Lokis and John Constantines, but sometimes you need to throw an honest dude in the mix. For Teen Wolf, that character is Scott McCall.

Teen Wolf Scott McCall season 1

Why Scott McCall is so unique

Before Scott became a werewolf, he was just an average guy, an average student, an average lacrosse player. He was good enough, but he didn’t exactly stand out. That in and of itself is a unique quality of a soon-to-be hero. So many times we see a character come from nothing. Sure, Scott has gone through his share of tough times, but he’s always had a supportive mother, a supportive best friend, and enough brains and brawn to get by.

All of that changes when Scott was bitten by Peter. Plenty of heroes accidentally become superhuman, but far fewer are made into superheroes for originally nefarious purposes. In season 1, Peter was trying to build his pack to become stronger. Scott dashed his plans, however, when he refused to obey him. That took a lot of inner strength, and not everyone would have been able to resist the call of their Alpha.

By the end of season 1, Scott was without a true wolf pack, and while that could’ve been a dangerous position for many new werewolves, we can’t help but think he was better without other people pulling him in different directions for their own purposes.

Teen Wolf Scott McCall season 2

Enter the Scott McCall of season 2. He’s still struggling with his abilities, but the show no longer centers on his struggles as a werewolf. The Kanima is running rampant around Beacon Hills, and Scott feels a sense of responsibility. He has these new powers, and it’s about time he uses them for a greater purpose.

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Season 2 also pitted Derek and his pack against Scott’s motley crew. When it was revealed that Lydia or Jackson could be the Kanima, Scott did everything he could to keep Derek away from them — there had to be another solution for stopping the Kanima without killing it in the process.

In the end, Scott didn’t have to be the hero. He certainly had a hand in defeating Gerard, but it was Lydia who stopped Jackson and helped him be reborn into a werewolf. One of Teen Wolf‘s greatest assets is the ensemble cast of characters, which allows each person to do their part in saving the day. Scott doesn’t feel the need to bear the weight of the world on his shoulders alone, and he is a better character for not needing the spotlight and for knowing when someone else is better equipped to handle a situation.

Teen Wolf Scott McCall season 3

Season 3A introduced one of the most interesting concepts in Teen Wolf lore — that of the True Alpha. Throughout the first half of this season, we saw glimpses of Scott’s character, though he was hesitant to take on the mantle. Being an Alpha comes with a lot of responsibility, after all. But by the mid-season finale, Scott gained the status of True Alpha and all the power that came with it.

Heroism is often won, but rarely is it innate. Scott’s Alpha status did not come as a result of death, as is usually the case, but was pushed to the surface through a series of events that allowed him to reveal who he truly was. Even better is the fact that being a True Alpha makes him stronger than a regular Alpha. Being wholeheartedly good is not only an asset, it’s a strength.

Teen Wolf Scott McCall season 3B

Season 3B pitted Scott against his greatest foe yet — his best friend. What happened to Stiles was terrifying for Scott. How was he supposed to fight someone he’d known his whole life, someone who had been there for him since the moment his life turned completely upside down?

The Nogitsune’s possession of Stiles was at first subtle, but then culminated in the show’s most deadly season to date. A lesser hero than Scott McCall would have fallen prey to these circumstances, but above all Scott remained true to his character and did everything in his power to save Stiles.

Teen Wolf Scott McCall season 4

Season 4 presented another challenge for Scott. As a result of his own future being taken away from him, Scott never wanted to give the Bite to someone else. Unfortunately, it was either bite Liam or let him die. Neither road was easy, but Scott chose to save a life with the hopes that he would be able to help his new Beta transition into the supernatural world. He righted the situation by leading Liam and showing him he wasn’t going to be abandoned in his time of need.

Season 4 was about facing one’s inner demons. Was Scott a monster because of what he is and what he’s done? In the end, both Scott and Liam realized that they are what they make themselves out to be. This season in particular showed us that Scott does make mistakes, but he is dedicated to doing the right thing to the best of his abilities. The person Scott has become is one of the best heroes on television — someone who has unquestionable morals and a natural ability to lead, protect, and save those he loves.

A big question throughout Teen Wolf season 5 was whether or not Theo deserved to be in Scott’s pack. Scott was always willing to give someone a chance, no matter their history, but Stiles remained suspicious. And for good reason, as Theo was in bed with the Dread Doctors.

This is perhaps the season where we see Scott struggle the most. With his pack scattered or dealing with their own issues, it’s not hard to see why Scott had it so hard this season. No only was he actively at odds with Liam over Hayden’s fate, but he was fighting with Stiles over his best friend’s involvement in Donovan’s death. It’s Liam who ends up actually killing Scott, who is then revived by his mother. While Scott struggles with the fact that he died, he’s almost more determined than ever to bring his pack back together.

Scott McCall’s ending

After defeating The Beast and reuniting his pack, Scott faces his final journey in season 6. While there’s always going to be something or someone attacking Beacon Hills, Scott has finally decided that the town is capable of surviving without him. Scott isn’t abandoning his home; he’s entrusting it to his pack and the people who have survived so much in the last few years.

But Scott can’t leave just yet. The Ghost Riders appear in town, and one of the first people they take away is Stiles, and all memory of him. Scott is still himself, but he’s also missing a piece of what truly makes him the person he is. Stiles’ impact on Scott’s life can’t be undersold, and having one without the other feels unnatural.

Luckily for everyone (including Teen Wolf’s fans), Stiles and all our other favorites are rescued from the Ghost Riders. There isn’t time to breathe, however, before the Anuk-Ite strolls into town, looking to wreak havoc. Scott must revisit some of his oldest foes in order to defeat his latest opponent, and it’s in this moment how obvious it becomes that Scott has grown so much as a person from season 1.

But no matter how much Scott has changed and matured, he’s always been that boy who was willing to do anything to save his friends. Through all the ups and downs, Scott has consistently earned his title as True Alpha.

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