Teen Wolf is quickly coming to an end, which means we can expect its many stars to start lining up new projects. Holland Roden is the latest to join another show.

Roden has been a staple to Teen Wolf since the pilot episode when we were first introduced to Lydia Martin, the beautiful and brilliant star of Stiles Stilinski’s affection. She was so much more than just an out-of-reach love interest, however, and since season 2, we’ve known that Lydia is much more than meets the eye.

Syfy has now snatched up the actress to join their anthology series Channel Zero. According to Deadline, she and Brandon Scott (Guerrilla) will join season 3 of the show.

There’s currently little information about the third season of Channel Zero. There’s no title or description of the third chapter, but we do have this description of Roden’s character:

“Zoe Woods, Alice’s older sister, [is] a sharp, tough young woman whose struggles with mental illness have worn her down over the years. She hates that her younger sister has to take care of her and she’d give anything to go back to the way things used to be.”

Roden is particularly adept at emotional scenes, as witnessed on Teen Wolf, so this sounds like it’ll be a bit of a different character that will allow her to play to her strengths.

Will you be checking out Holland Roden in ‘Channel Zero’?

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