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Haley Webb talks to Hypable about ‘Teen Wolf,’ her character, and how long she wants to stick around

Hypable spoke with Teen Wolf’s Haley Webb about her time on set and her character, Jennifer Blake.

Haley Webb plays Jennifer Blake, the Beacon Hills High English teacher and Derek’s current love interest. When asked what drew her to the role, she says, “The breakdown was really cool, because I like playing characters where something really unexpected happens to them.”

Webb is best known for her role in the 2009 Final Destination film, but she’s had a myriad of other roles, mostly in film, where she’s played a variety of characters. “I hadn’t played a character really like Jennifer before,” she says, explaining that the change in pace was refreshing.

As we’re making our way through the last third of the first half of season 3, everyone is wondering what is in store for our favorite characters. “What’s so cool about this season is that they’re shooting it like a movie. This is like the longest movie I’ve ever shot, because they have a three act structure. There’s the beginning, there’s now the middle, and the end is coming up, and the end is so cool.”

Webb wasn’t against teasing us further, saying we can expect “so many tears, oh man.”

But how much did she know prior to filming these last few episodes? “Jeff really kept me in the dark,” she says. “I had no idea what was happening, really, until a couple days before I got the script – or actually, when I got the script and was like, ‘Oh, okay, that’s what I’ll be doing next Tuesday.’”

“[Jeff] has his hand in everything,” she continues. “I turned to him last Monday after ‘Currents’ aired, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, dude, I am just a pawn in your game.’ I know what’s going to happen, obviously we shot the season, I know these things, and yet to see how he puts it all together…my performance might not be the same if I knew what was going to happen in episode 7 when I shot 6.”

Teen Wolf Jennifer Blake Derek Hale

In hindsight, Webb obviously knows more about her character now than she knew when she started filming on Teen Wolf. We asked her if there was anything in the scripts that she didn’t know was significant when she said it, but has since realized it is.

“Yes, there’s a lot,” she says, “and a lot that I can’t tell you.”

Fans of the show have been picking apart Jennifer’s lines each week, trying to glean some sort of information from what she’s been saying. One of the lines that stood out to the fandom most was when she said she had a therapist, but Webb says that it doesn’t hold as much significance as some of her other dialogue.

“The therapist line, in particular, is a window into who Jennifer Blake is,” says Webb. “I think it’s a little clear that she’s not necessarily emotionally stable, and a little shy.”

Another line that has stood out to fans was when Jennifer brought up the slew of literary characters that faked their own death. “And as far as the literary references,” she says, “I didn’t get much from Jeff on that, but I will say, for both lines, both of them will make more sense as the rest of the season unfolds.”

At the moment, Jennifer Blake’s true intentions are unknown. Many fans are wondering if there is more to her than meets the eye, perhaps something sinister. However, when asked to describe her character, Webb specifically said that she is “just a good girl.”

“I would definitely call her a little flighty,” she says. “I would definitely say bookish, and naïve, but not with a negative connotation.”

Given her previous roles, Webb said that Jennifer was, “a completely new creation for me, which is something that I was so excited about.” Continuing, she says, “Playing someone who is innocent and in their own little world and so good was so attractive to play.”

Teen Wolf Season 3 Derek Jennifer

We asked Webb if she saw any fan theories about her character that were one hundred percent incorrect. She couldn’t help remarking, “It’s so funny holding the power and being like, ‘I know everything, muahahaha.’”

Turning serious, she says, “I will say some of them have been brought to my attention and some people are actually pretty spot-on. However, I will also say I have not come across anything that has nailed it yet.”

Too bad! Luckily, we only have four episodes left before the conclusion of the first half of season 3. Perhaps then we’ll get some solid answers!

We couldn’t come right out and ask Webb if we will see her again after season 3, episode 12, but she did answer us when we asked if she would like to continue her role on the show. “I have gotten along so well with everybody,” she says, “that I keep expressing my want to definitely be here for not only 3B, but maybe 4, maybe 5.”

Regardless of the direction that Jennifer Blake’s character goes in, we would definitely love to see Haley Webb continue on Teen Wolf for as long as possible.

Listen to the unedited interview on our latest episode of Not Another Teen Wolf Podcast, where Webb talks about her audition process, being on Twitter, funny moments on set, and much, much more!

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