9:30 pm EDT, October 5, 2012

‘Teen Wolf’ episode 3×01 title revealed

Ian Bohen (Peter) has tweeted a picture of a season 3 script, giving us the title of the very first episode!

See the tweet below:

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It links to his Instagram account, which gives us a look at this bad boy:

Episode 3x01 Tattoo Script

Well, that’s certainly intriguing! Naming the first episode “Tattoo” makes a lot of sense, too. Back in August, we shared an interview that Tyler Posey (Scott) and Colton Haynes (Jackson) did with THR, during which Posey talked about a new tattoo he had gotten.

When they were discussing how much time each of them spends in the makeup chair, Haynes pointed out that Posey would soon be putting in more hours due to his tattoos. That large one on his bicep was about a month old when that interview was conducted, but Posey seemed confident that it wouldn’t add that much time to his routine. In fact, he said that executive producer Jeff Davis might write it into the show.

“So it’s like a werewolf mark?” Haynes asks. “So, are the other wolves gonna have to, like, get the mark too?”

Posey didn’t know, but he pointed out Tyler Hoechlin’s (Derek’s) tattoo on his back. That tattoo means something in the show, not only to Derek, but to werewolves in general. It symbolizes the alpha, the beta, and the omega, and that each one can fall or rise within those ranks.

Posey mentions that the tattoo looks a little tribal, so it should fit well into the vibe of the show. We’re curious as to how it will make its debut, though. Will it be something Scott chooses to get because he’s finally accepted his life as a werewolf? Or will it be something that could possibly protect him from someone trying to do him harm? And, most importantly, what do you think his mom is going to think about it?!

Given that the first episode seems to be centered around the tattoo, we’re sure it’s going to be a big deal.

Filming for season 3 of Teen Wolf begins sometime next month.

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