Teen Wolf‘s executive producer, Jeff Davis, fields more questions ahead of season 3, episode 3 “Fireflies.” Here are the 10 most important answers.

Davis once again answered a slew of questions, and we’ve pulled 10 of the most interesting ones from the official Tumblr to offer a little speculation.

moon-striker: could blue eyes mean that you were dead before? since peter and jackson both have blue eyes?

Davis: Nope.

Well, that popular theory is out the window. Fans were speculating that since both Peter and Jackson had blue eyes as werewolves, and that technically both of them died, it might be possible that Derek had not survived the Hale house fire after all. But it looks like we’re back to square one. Keep thinking, fandom!

miccahlynn: hey, jeff! i just want you to know that i support you with every decision you make, even if it involves killing off characters *sniff* anyways, my question: does dr. deaton have anything to do anything with derek’s past?

Davis: he does indeed. he was especially important to derek’s family.

Although this isn’t necessarily news, it is exciting to hear it once again. It doesn’t answer the question of why or how, but it should certainly lead us to speculate further. After all, Derek didn’t seem to know much about Deaton, while Laura had apparently worked with him a bit more. Anyone have any theories?

kikky84: hi jeff, do u have any comments about the poltergeist hale family theory being the ones terrorizing beacon hills?

Davis: poltergeists? the movie scared me as a kid but that’s all i can say for now.

It seems as though many fans think poltergeists could be involved in some of what’s going on in Beacon Hills this season because of what happened when Heather was abducted. When she was taken, wine bottles were flying off the racks in the cellar, and it definitely felt like ghosts could be involved. Davis is pretty mum on the subject, but that might be because there’s credibility to the theory. We’ll just have to keep watching to find out!

bottomvich: what made you come up with the idea for the twins to merge into one for the alpha form?

Davis: two reasons. first was to try something different. second, we only had to put one person in wolf makeup and it didn’t have to be the twins. getting actors in and out of makeup is one of the trickier parts of scheduling our shoot days.

Teen Wolf does not have a large budget, and if you’ve listened to the season 1 and season 2 commentaries with Davis and some of the other cast and crew, you’ll know the lengths to which they sometimes have to go to keep their budget low. This was a very clever idea on their part, and something that fans have really enjoyed so far this season!

forgedbylovinghands: thank you so much for your skills, and sharing them with us! xd just curious, was the mark on allison and lydia’s arm just for the bank, or was it also something else?

Davis: it’s more important than just a bank symbol.

The mystery of the symbol on Lydia and Allison’s arms isn’t quite solved yet! When Meagan Tandy’s character left those marks on the girls’ arms, everyone was digging around, trying to figure out what it could mean. It turned out that it was the logo for the bank vault where Boyd and Erica were being hidden. It certainly led Allison on the right path to help some of her friends, but considering the walls of the vault were made of hecatolite, does this mean the previous owners of the bank vault were hunters — or even werewolves themselves?

torchwoodsarchivist: was the blonde female in the storage room with allison erica or heather? i’ve heard it could be either.

Davis: that was erica. underneath all of that makeup was the lovely gage golightly.

Although most fans did seem to think it was Erica in the storage closet, it’s nice to know for sure that it wasn’t Heather that died. Those other rumors can be put to rest, and we can now focus on a more important question: If Erica is dead, how (and why) will she be featured later in the season, as Davis previously told us?

kikky84: ciao jeff, where is the camaro?

Davis: derek has new wheels this season.

Are we the only ones feeling like we just learned about a new character death? The Camaro was just so Derek, and we’re definitely going to miss it. Could he be getting a new car because he just wanted a change or because something happened to the other one? We can only guess what his next one will be!

ratedcancer: when stiles guesses what is causing the deaths is his theory correct?

Davis: he guesses the how and what. but not necessarily the why.

Pay attention, everyone. We know Stiles is going to be the pseudo-detective this season, so we’ll all do well to trust in Stiles and listen to what he says. It looks like he’s right on track, but will he get the ‘why’ wrong or just not have any guesses as to what exactly is going on in that department? If he is wrong, it makes us wonder what sort of consequences that could have.

teenwolfrunsthroughmyveins: why didn’t scott sense that deucalion was a werewolf in the elevator scene?? shouldn’t he have been able to sense him right when he put his hand on scott’s shoulder?

Davis: alphas have the ability to hide their scent.

Sometimes it’s the little things that bug us the most, but don’t worry guys! Davis has things under wraps. However, this definitely poses a problem for our main character. Will Deucalion be able to get close to Scott without him realizing that it’s Deucalion who is the leader of the Alpha Pack? That’s certainly an advantage for Deucalion — and quite worrisome for Scott!

aqsanaveed: jeff, when do we find out what’s up with lydia??

Davis: i can tell you the ending of 302 wasn’t just lydia waking up from a nightmare. you’ll understand more tomorrow night.

If Lydia is seeing or experiencing things when she is awake, what could that possibly mean? We know that she’s got some special powers that seem to be connected with death or the dead, but so far Davis & Co. have been doing a great job of keeping her true identity under wraps. However, it does look like season 3, episode 3 “Fireflies” will bring us one step closer to the answer!

What are your current theories about the different werewolf eye colors?

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